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Impediment needs psychotherapy
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Graduate student of some college female Master, private prosecution from first 2 since have impediment all the time, it is especially when insecurity especially serious. After graduate student of pass an entrance examination, impediment symptom is aggravating. Be anxious very in the obtain employment that thinks of future, growing heart.
Psychology seeks advice from division to understand, she grows at the family of an atmosphere insecurity, parental relationship is not harmonious, ask to compare to her at the same time strict. Every time she did what fault thing or it is conversation when not be clear about, the parent gives rebuke of in stern words. After adolescence comes, her conversation is particularly careful, missay of for fear that or speak inadvisable word. But nevertheless, when still answering a teacher to quiz, because stammer,worry more from now on. College graduate times took an examination of a graduate student, do not have pass an entrance examination for the first time, the heart is serious and self-condemned. Blame oneself hard already insufficient, blame oneself to do not have ability again, self-confident heart drops apparently. After the graduate student on her course, concern cannot graduate, see the adviser is very nervous, see the colleague in lab is very nervous also.
In childhood domesticity, there is nervous atmosphere in the family, parental requirement is very strict. This raised her neurological tensity greatly, those who add herself is sensitive with shy characteristic, make the scared sense that interacts with the person in couples. Be opposite after adolescence the attention of self-image, strengthened this kind of sensitivity. Especially the error on oral expression, the self-confident heart that reduced expression of head of him speak or sing alternately further. After occurrence impediment phenomenon, insecurity is aggravating. One's deceased father grinding failure and take an examination of again grind reach read a graduate student to make her self-confident heart faces a challenge further, evaluating with certain ego at the same time when for the meaning major figure chats, beyond the mark attention is oral expression is fluent. This kind feels the mutual aggrandizement with the attention, make she appeared afresh impediment.
Psychological advisory division uses mental interact principle to refer to the symptom commentate, make she had clear knowledge to semiotic essence. She seeks advice from the requirement of division according to psychology, in actual life does not note his expressive problem hard, write the result into the diary to give psychology seeks advice from division to correct, in carry out repeatedly, the symptom is reduced somewhat. On this foundation, psychology seeks advice from division to use the method of desensitization of behavior training, system to have treatment again. Pass cure 8 times, her symptom is eliminated basically.

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