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The successful experience with correctional impediment
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One. Impediment is disease of dread of a kind of language
Impediment is not the functional sex disease of language organ, however disease of a kind of psychology, namely language dread disease. Scared disease is a kind of neurosis, it is to be below some kind of special environment, a kind interacting with certain object or person contact is generation unconventional, intense fear or nervous and disturbed immanent experience. This kind of scared feeling and nervous uneasiness feel, the patient is essential uncontrollable. Some people can have the symptom with remarkable autonomic nerve disorder system to appear even, if the heartbeat is accelerated, aglow or cadaverous, blood pressure adds complexion advanced, serious person can show pupil to expand or contractible, bosom the symptom such as frowsty, be discouraged, swimmy, asp, disgusting, bellyacke.
Scared disease has a few kinds of common symptoms: (Disease of 1) gregarious dread; (Disease of 2) environment dread; (Disease of 3) object dread; (Disease of 4) language dread.
Language dread disease, also can say for impediment dread disease, it is to point to fall in some kind of environment, or when encountering certain person, or respecting when word of a certain word, should fear him conversation occurrence impediment and a kind of of generation unconventional fear and nervous and disturbed immanent experience. Impediment dread disease besides have remarkable autonomic nerve system disorder symptom appears outside, return expression to be conversation hurried, repeat, abrupt halt sends save one's breath. Some conferences appear accompany sexual act, if the head is violent jolty, with foot step ground, with hand chaos the dance that catch chaos is reached blink an eye, first class turning over a tongue, some can appear even facial muscle convulsion. When the person that general and normal person blames impediment talks too flurried, impediment person oneself also often so self-condemned oneself. Do not know, this kind of nervous and disturbed impediment person oneself are uncontrollable.
2. Psycho therapeutics
The author of psycho therapeutics is Fuluoyide, mix via many western scholar after the correction of psychological doctor and complement, work up becomes a kind of more mature psychotherapy means. To impediment dread disease, we are main from mentation, 3 respects have psychological process and individual character feature psycho (the experience that 1) passes memory cheeper period, the person that can let impediment is comprehended, scared feeling is formed in children period, this kind of scared feeling continues to manhood all the time period, be united in wedlock with impediment photograph. (2) practices through observation, the person that let impediment is clear, normal person also impediment, our impediment is mixed substantially their identical. (Heart of 3) basis A straps self-abased disease theory, impediment person the self-abased feeling that is a kind of model is excessive acting countervail expression, their disposition often behaves for: A. Too sensitive to oneself blemish do his utmost to mask; B. Boast grand sight reads aloud, exaggerate namely other people is right the view of own impediment; C. Pursuit perfect. Through recollecting therapeutics, we depart scared feeling and impediment phenomenon come, isolate scared feeling rise. Through observing exercise and disposition are analysed, we mix impediment phenomenon from cognitive process again individual character two respects try to eliminate. Leave scared feeling only now.
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