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Impediment (Stuttering) common weighs stammer, it is the barrier of a kind of language with common children. Talk namely the blemish of ability, performance is sluggish when conversation, pronunciation is lengthened or halt, not self-conscious block is broken or tongue-tied, intermittent ground repeats a word or a statement, lose normal talking section keep under control, appear piece special spasmodically, the language popularity obstacle that say.
Impediment can be divided for provisionality impediment, benign impediment and permanent impediment.
Provisionality impediment is impediment of sex of a kind of development, only then the impediment that at L ~ begin to learn of 2 years old of babies says to appear when the word, level of 3 years old of ages is most. At this moment the level that children utterance develops him construction expressions. But as a result of their nerve physiology adult rate still lags behind at mood and need of intellectual activity place to convey about complex content, when talking consequently, appear to hesitate and repeat, often a long word stops ability 34 times to say. This is the natural phenomenon that children utterance develops, as the growth of the age, the performance with this kind of not smooth utterance can disappear gradually.
The impediment that 5 annual expenditure of 3 ~ show weighs benign impediment, also want parent patience correctional, half an year disappears to 6 years of Neiduoke.
The impediment that appears after 5 ~ is 8 years old, the verbal form that often secures as a kind of special abidance exists, unless undertake persistent effective Jiao Zhi, maintain all one's life otherwise, call permanent impediment.
Statistic makes clear, any phyletic, culture, language has impediment happening. Occurence rate of 5 years old of impediment is 2 ~ 1 % . Among them 50 % at disease having 5 years old ago, the impediment after 10 years old 75 % will be lifetime exist. Form permanent impediment to prevent children, discovery of as soon as possible, seasonable cure is very necessary. The male is more than the female 4 ~ 8 times.

Because of,cause cause of disease
1. Element of genetic, physiology
Somebody reports twins of egg of different of prep above of occurence rate of impediment of the twins that be the same as egg, hint impediment and heredity are concerned. Impediment is disorder of a kind of verbal and harmonious function, organ of the feedback of incur loss through delay with likelihood and weakness of function of division of cerebrum character dialect, verbal to oneself hearing, pronunciation adjusts the physiology element such as the obstacle to concern.
2. Heart behoove is stimulated, psychological pressure
If sweat from every pore sweat from every pore generates fear, enter event of new environment, great life blow, acuteness noise is exciting, all can bring about impediment because of extreme nervousness. The adult forces left-hander children to use right hand write, grasp chopsticks; The child that makes conversation slow says quickly; The children that lets stage fright speaks in public or perform; The adult repeats to child conversation or halt is impatient; Interrupt at will, overmuch and correctional even rebuke, make children overmuch to his talking ability attention or reaction are strong, one conversation is nervous. Form insecurity -- impediment -- nervous -- the vicious circle of aggravating impediment.
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