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Disposition feature and disease of body and mind
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People often with " bad-tempered " it is draw well, impatient, good to will generalize love brawl, envious heart is strong, weak even, shy, love cries the expression that waits these moods a moment. However, "Bad-tempered " the certain disease that different expression often may get with the body is having close tie, for instance very excited, easy draw well can cause high blood pressure possibly; Affection of intense check heart may cause cancer. Medical expert reminds everybody, right of oneself or family " bad-tempered " cannot ignore, want to learn to adjust oneself mood, make endless concessions may cause a more severe disease.
People is unripe to external responsibility products happy, appreciation, gasp in admiration when waiting for good mood, the meeting in blood produces a kind of very good to health chemical material; And undesirable mood can produce another kind of harmful to nerve and hemal organization material. Be like indignant, anxious, scared, depressed, sadness, malcontent, jealousy to wait to often stimulate the organ of human body, muscle or endocrine overly, cause a variety of diseases easily. If be a person angrily the indispensable component in whole mentality activity, often be considered as the self-defensive behavior of human body. But the spirit that be angry is a kind of of no help actually is expended, a person often loses reason when anger, cannot control oneself, often can generate the vicious circle of physiology and psychology, perhaps can bury the seed of next cancer sometimes.
Medical expert discovers in research, contend for strong emulative, good the person that competes with the person compares stand aloof from the worldly affairs, peacefully comfortable person contracts coronary heart disease more easily; And those often not hesitate to make other people happy sacrifice oneself need and desire, adopt to oneself setback and anger bear a manner, and make avoid let, lest oneself friend, family or someone else are unpleasant, the person that the mood inside intense check feels, cancered risk is bigger.
The expert has discovered the connection between feature of a few disposition and Yi Zhiji disease in research, be like:
Competitive consciousness is strong, emulative, have a hot temper, the person of insecurity of easy impulse, draw well, human relation suffers from easily heart disease and diabetic;
Very excited, easy draw well, reach for what is beyond one's grasp, the person with depressive mood has high blood pressure easily;
Loneliness of state of mind, the person with not quite harmonious atmosphere of self-abased feeling, family has arthritis easily;
Enterprise, job has daring and resolution, but dependence is strong, right all round the person that animosity feeling, feeling suffers a setback is easy ulcerous disease;
Pursuit is perfect, it is formalist, obstinate, good to work the person with brawl, envious strong heart has splitting headache easily;
Cleverer, shy, weak, woman is much better crying person suffers from colonitis easily;
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