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How much does emotionality disease know
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We know, the person affected a bacterium meeting go to the bad, airframe sufferred traumatic meeting to fall ill, food carelessly wholesome meeting comes on, often ignored another kind of blame to often see however, can't cause the element causing disease of people attention again however, this is abnormal mood change, it can bring about a lot of diseases to happen, below these diseases all but by undesirable mood be caused by.
Emotionality stomach trouble
A lot of scholars ever had made at all times and in all over the world much experimentation and statistical data analysis, the result says clear affection sign not free is the main reason that brings about stomach trouble happening. Somebody has done a test, come to monkey trice, often give report is stimulated, in causing a monkey to be in the mood of angst uneasiness all the time, before long the monkey got gastric ulcer. Somebody uses line of fiber gastroscope, X and electroencephalogram the pathology mechanism to stomach trouble undertakes study, the excessive excitement of the happening that discovers gastric disease and pallium or restrain, plant nerve function is disorder closely related. Be in at ordinary times, we often discover a kind of such circumstances, as a result of affection annals not free, think of like care angry, often can affect appetite apparently and appear not to think food, this learns in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in call " consider carefully to hurt lienal " and " liver lienal do not move " .
Emotionality exhaustion
Very long since, people thinks generally, because the physical labor of excess load or mental work are caused,the person's exhaustion is commonly, but psychologist passes long-term research later, think the fact is not such. They discover, arduous job won't bring about exhaustion commonly, what won't cause those courses to rest especially or still cannot remove after Morpheus is fatigue. So, is exhaustion how form? Psychologist thinks, it is the mentation with the person is concerned, insalubrious mood of the person, especially the ability such as anxious, nervous, angst is the real reason that brings about exhaustion
Emotionality bellyacke
Bellyacke is in clinical on very common, it is the evil outside experiencing more, food is feculent, affection annals is maladjusted reach deficiency of yang to wait bring about sluggish of air plane gloomy, block of pain or numbness caused by cold of a general name for arteries and veins and passages through which vital energy circulates are broken raise be caused by. Colonitis of sex of ulcer of chronic blame particularity is colon of shape of the rectum with a kind of unidentified reason, second inflammation of sex of blame particularity ulcer, main symptom is bellyacke, diarrhoea, mucous blood, prolonged does not heal. Its have disease slow, course of diseases is longer, the immune function that modern medicine thinks to be caused with long-term insecurity is unusual about. Colonic Yi Ji is offended ask for integratedly, call colonic allergy, colonic function again disorder, colonic neurosis, constant expression is bellyacke, diarrhoea, or diarrhoea and constipation appear alternately, often accompany intentional palpitate, lack of power, bosom the neurosis shape such as frowsty, insomnia, frequent micturition. All sorts of examinations are not had apparent implement qualitative sex change, often be changed because of the mood and cause.
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