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The body converts a barrier
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Had you had similar experience? Body of action in chief of a lot of patients is encountered in regular meeting of classics of outpatient service doctor this is uncomfortable, that is uncomfortable. Come ever had checked in such-and-such hospital before examine. Unusual without discovery. But still not be at ease. Final doctor suggests to seek advice from orgnaization make a diagnosis and give treatment to psychology. The patient is holding distrustful manner in the arms to seek advice from an orgnaization. Diagnose cure through seeking advice from those who treat division, the body is unwell the symptom alleviates, disappear.
The main and clinical type of body form obstacle is as follows.
One, the body converts a barrier
The body converts a barrier main show is varied, the body symptom that often changes, the symptom can involve any systems of the body or organ. The mainest feature is to should stimulate the unhappy state of mind that cause, appear in order to change the way of body symptom. The longest those who see is gastric bowel the path is unwell if ache, belch, return sick at heart, vomit, disgusting wait; If Sao is urticant,unusual skin feels, burn feeling, smartly, coma feeling, ache, skin stain. The action in chief of female menstruation respect is common also. Often put in the negative sentiment such as evident depressed angst embarrassment. Can a variety of symptoms exist at the same time. The patient has had a lot of examinations for this, all do not have electropositive discovery, even operation explore examine is empty-handed however. Often be chronic fluctuation course of diseases, accompany have society, human reach the serious obstacle with domestic behavior long-standing respect.
2, hypochondriasis disease
Hypochondriasis disease is to show the patient suffers from the abiding hypochondriasis sense of serious body illness to give priority to with worry or believing. The patient relapses accordingly go to a doctor, all sorts of medicine examinations cannot give up its misgive, the patient is this anguish, constant companion has angst, depressed sentiment.
3, the own nerve function of body form is disorder
Disorder and main show is the own nerve function of body form the organic system that gets own innervation (path of bowel of heart and vessels, stomach, respiratory system) the neurosis appearance symptom that produces body obstacle be caused by. The patient is in the symptom of own nerve excitement (palpitation, perspire, blush etc) on the foundation, happened to be not again distinctive, but the symptom that has individual feature and subjective sex more, feeling of the ache that is like place adventitious, ache, burn, heavy feeling, close bundle of feeling, strut feeling, classics examination, concerned organ system is done not have implement qualitative sex pathological change.