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10 kinds of normal unusual psychology phenomena
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Spirit is not meant normally without a bit problem, crucial the generation setting that is these symptoms, duration, serious level and right individual the bad influence with the environment how. Normal person appears possibly also brief unusual appearance, time weak point, degree is small, still cannot stick mental label.
1. exhaustion feels: Have corresponding reason normally, duration is shorter, do not accompany have apparent Morpheus and mood change, pass good rest and proper recreation to be able to be eliminated.
2. angst reacts: Angst reaction is the means of a kind of reaction that people gets used to some kind of specific environment. But normal angst reaction often has its reality reason (actuality angst) if be faced with the university entrance exam, alleviate very quickly as the affair is over and the situation has changed.
3. is similar hysterical phenomenon: See more at woman and children. Some females and husband quarrel to abreact to the top of one's bent, shout, rip the garment to destroy child of content, good beat, minatory even suicide. Children can have show of crammer of sex of fantasy, illusion, the content that imagines oneself regards as reality. Because growth of central nervous system is inadequate, immature,this is be caused by.
4. forces a phenomenon: Some brainworkers, handle affairs especially serious person thinks repeatedly a few oneself realize the thing that was not necessary, if offended a certain person, repeatedly whether has been inspection door locked up etc. But duration is not long, do not affect life work.
5. horror and contrary: We stand in very tall but horrible feeling still can appear when very safe place, also think of to be able to jump downward sometimes, thinking of to jump down even is what scene. If this kind of idea is very fast get corrective continueing to think no longer, belong to normal phenomenon.
6. hypochondriasis phenomenon: A lot of people regard slight unwell phenomenon as serious illness, check for many times repeatedly, after because some is ill,die young when relatives and friends, neighbour, work in the same placing especially and dying accidentally appear easily. But if the examination eliminates the advice that the doctor can accept after relevant disease, belong to normal phenomenon.
7. is cranky with ego embroil: Anybody has ego embroil tendency, assume outside thing is opposite namely some kind of oneself are suggestive meaning, have adverse effect to oneself especially, if walk into the office when, people suspends a talk, often can suspect people is commenting at this moment oneself. This kind of phenomenon crosses a gender normally, and after passing a short while doubt, come over with respect to meeting be aware, its property and content and the place connection at that time are close.
8. illusion: Normal person is in the ray is faint, scared insecurity and expect to wait illusion can appear below mentation, but can correct quickly via repeating hind of test and verify. Phrasal " a state of extreme nervousness " , " extremely suspicious " the example that etc all is a model.
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