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Force disease -- the psychology of contemporary person is pained
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Everybody has his disposition, temper, below specific surroundings, return meeting nurturance a few habits, have a few good habits for example anteprandial hind should wash his hands, after eating a meal, take a walk; Also a few undesirable habits smoke for example, drink; Still a few is used to what we say to be strange habit, we will see a few case below:
1. Did door lock become good not?
Case one: The building below good door is locked up when going out every time, can not go much further, insecurity begins to rise in Ms. Wang heart, thinking repeatedly in brain: Did door lock become good? Locked up, do not have a lock, do not have a lock, locked up... of the chaotic in the heart, be forced to return inspection door to lock up. Result every time the door is locked up well, ms. Wang knows to meet obviously is such result, but she checks door lock repeatedly so every time, do not check do not be at ease, checked ability to feel the heart is installed.
2. He resembles dot same one word one the period and the comma
Case 2: Xiaoli recounts his affliction to psychological doctor in psychological advisory room: Before taking an exam once, I am reviewed quite well, have a theme I had been done obviously, when can taking an exam, I was unable to call to mind. Since then, I see a book have such habit, just had turned over one page, feel the thing in front was omited, had broken up to look again, feel what thing forgot again a little while, had turned round to look again, often resemble childlike with finger word, a ground reads one word, ground of a word sees a word, still not be at ease.
3. "Digital homophonic " make him allergic
Case 3: Mr Liu of 47 years old, all the time talk about again and again is worn should buy a car to run to the child rental. The car is bought, mr Liu sighs continuously again, car license plate of the son is " × 5214 " , is this " I should die " ? Since after seeing this plate number, mr Liu was resembling demon simply like, not only particularly sensitive to plate name number, should take only in other number " 2 " " 4 " , he is gone to with homophonic contact above ominous thing, appear to associate badly ceaselessly in brain, want to control oneself more sometimes, think more, more complexly more.

Force disease slightly and do not have hinder greatly
Afore-mentioned Ms. Wang, Mr Liu, small Li Dou suffers from force disease. Forcing disease is force idea and the barrier of a kind of neurosis sex that force a movement to be main feature with appearing repeatedly. Patient experience comes from to impulse and idea at ego, realize forcing a symptom is unusual, but cannot cast off again.
Such example in the life is not rarely seen, some people always keep washing one's hands; Some people can count the window of the building uncontrollably, miscount, count from the beginning again, undertake repeatedly; Some people work be afraid of make mistake, relapse instead answer ground is checked...
To most person, forcing a phenomenon is slight only, or of provisionality, it is painful that party does not become aware, also do not affect normal life and work, do not calculate morbid state, also do not need treatment, check door lock repeatedly for instance, a lot of people have this kind of trouble, if everyday reduplicative time is not much, force behavior to hamper without what to his life, need not be in charge of it. And the forces a symptom to appear everyday time of some people is more, and disturbed normal life, have very big effect to the job and study, treated with respect to need.
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