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Neurasthenic typical symptom
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Neurasthenic patient is clinical expression is complex, have a variety of spirit symptoms and body symptom at the same time, baconian rise can divide for 6 kinds of big symptoms:
(1) mental inadequacy, spirit is listless
As a result of inside control a process abate, when be stimulated by inside and outside, the nerve cell easy excitement of neurasthenic patient, energy is used up overmuch, long-term and such, the patient is a series of feeble symptoms with respect to expression: The patient often feels energy is insufficient, dejected, cannot use a brain, or mental and slow, cannot center attention, memory to drop, work efficiency drops.
(What 2) stimulates to inside and outside is sensitive
In daily working life, if general activity reads see the activity such as newspaper, teleview, often can loosen an activity as a kind of recreation, but right now this ill patient not only cannot loosen nerve, eliminate exhaustion, instead drive is particularly heated, together of in spite of oneself meeting thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind, one act act shows the past in at the moment, the eye is watching TV, him brain also often is in " discharge shadow " . Sleep especially this should static heart falls asleep before, and patient in spite of oneself memory, couplet yearns thing, nerve excitement cannot fall asleep, deeply pained. In addition return some patient, especially sensitive to the sound all round, light, the change that loses by force to its " haggle over every ounce " , bring with affliction.
Some doctors think, because of,be right now of the patient " threshold of feeling " drop. Alleged " threshold of feeling " the exciting intensity that is the lowermost limitation that our body can find. Our all round, our body is in-house, have different exciting generation constantly, but not be all senses that grate us implement can experience. If exciting intensity is too weak, we with respect to imperceptibility. When should stimulating intensity to reach certain level only, ability is felt by our receptor, this kind of lowest that can make we are experienced stimulates intensity to call " threshold of feeling " . Different threshold of feeling exists between person and certain animal, be opposite for instance of odour discern, the dog is gotten than human nose delicacy much, when some kind of odour is weak, dog can differentiate goes out, person however imperceptibility, demonstrative dog should compare a person to the threshold of feeling of odour low much, so the dog can become a police -- police dog, it is the man Friday that the policeman detects law case.
The sensory cut off from that stimulates to what differ between person and person is different. Generally speaking, the threshold of feeling of neurasthenic patient drops, be opposite than normal person thereby stimulation is more sensitive. Because,this is because this ill patient restrains abate, excited hyperfunction inside nerve, thereby threshold of feeling drops, to body inside, the stimulation outside, normal person is not experienced, he often felt. Like the gastric bowel of body interior peristalsis, hemal easy shrinks to have change a bit, the feeling is less than normal person, neurasthenic patient can " accurate " perception, "Vivid " description, clinical symptom of the patient is very so much, multifarious without the chapter. When the patient sees a doctor, often be to dash along, semiotic expression also can be " let a hundred flowers blossom " , varied, it is strange even. Some patients are told " there is an energy of life inside bowel going up strong " , if the vest has rush on gas, still can describe the line that enrages even, be like there is insect to walk inside the flesh etc, right now if can eliminate implement qualitative sex pathological change, belong to threshold of feeling to drop, what cause nervily.
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