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Hysteria disease patient- - " great disease imitates the home "
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Hysteria disease, namely " hysterical " . This is ill by mental element be caused by.
Usually, female relatively male incidence of a disease is high. Most patient is being put before disease alleged hysterical disposition and quality. This kind of person often stands the suggestion, disposition feature that abounds to imagine and like project oneself reason of sentient act, lack, easily. Often be a few small contradiction or stimulation to come on in daily life.
The symptom of hysteria disease is various, expression is varied. Almost OK " imitate " the symptom of a kind of any diseases. Accordingly, somebody calls hysteria disease patient " great apery " . Because there often is clear affection color when fit, seem to act in a play to contain hyperbole sex in that way, also resemble dot a bit " the person comes mad " , special the symptom when view is surrounded to appear particularly serious in a lot of people, and the impression that makes the person has affectation of put on an act. Actually the patient is not conscious malinger, often the patient returns consciousness to be less than him malinger. This disease behaves a mood to change quickly, rapture of from time to time, depressed of from time to time; Violent rage anger is strong, affection is eruptive, excited and disturbed, cry be troubled by endlessly, happy to dance, parental person is not known when be like illness in a extremely dangerous state, fit, sanitation of daily life, individual cannot provide for oneself. Accordingly, in the brains in people " hysterical " with " mad " can delimit good number. Perhaps be this cause, "Hysterical " one word, use appearance to behave normally the condition of wrong, rage. Some patients make up the anguish that sings a heart with the form of canzonet, or the edge sings an edge to do. Go up like arena show is same. Leave blindly suddenly sometimes, roam aimlessly, but enumerate day, generation of after the event is forgotten. When consciousness is ambiguous. Can behave before acuteness mood experiences scene. Some patients still can be behaved for similar " gawkish " , the patient seems to become suddenly foolish, and foolish exceptionally, even 1 10 1 be equal to a few won't calculate; Call him him count the hand has a few fingers, he can reply 4 or 6, its always are specious as a result. This kind of phenomenon calls approximate answer integrated card; In body respect, common tic of sex of disease having hysteria or faint. When jerky fit. Fall down suddenly, brothers random dance, big mouth pants, breath is accelerated, complexion is ruddy. Happen " faint " when, call suddenly do not answer, two eye lock, limb is rigid; It seems that the force with which sth breaks out is roaring, the illness weighs earnest. Fit last a period of time differs several minutes to several hours, often be regarded as heavy patient of epilepsy or danger sends a hospital first aid.
The cure of this disease basically is psychological suggestion therapeutics, in application physiotherapy, acupuncture is mixed medication while, complementary allude with utterance, to the patient the specification treats affirmative meeting to obtain curative effect, build the belief of cured in order to make, eliminate cause this disease element. The help patient, blemish that should let a patient know him disposition to go up and weakness, be treated correctly and handle the contradiction in real life, encourage a patient to establish confidence conquer disease, in order to achieve complete rehabilitation.
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