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The cure of phobia
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The cure of phobia is given priority to with psychotherapy, medication for complementary.
Compare at present to the cure of phobia effective still is a few psychotherapy. General psychology doctor should be in make clear how is the patient's horror formed, the scene when coming on first especially, after the individual character characteristic that understands a patient in detail, spirit stimulates an element, just can adopt proper psychotherapy. Behavior treatment is the most important method that treats phobia, have systematic desensitization way commonly usedly, expose or concussion therapeutics, muscle is flabby training, gregarious skill training. Still have supportive sex additionally therapeutics of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, cognitive therapeutics, reach hypnotic suggestion therapeutics to wait to all can be used at treating phobia. Him patient is treated besides what actively is sought and should cooperate psychological doctor, can study a few flabby treatment appropriately, institutional ego is adjusted, also will be helpful for improving remedial result.
Psychology of Hangzhou green island seeks advice from an expert to use all sorts of psychotherapy integratedly to have comprehensive treatment to phobia, in phobia remedial respect accumulated rich clinical experience and successful treatment case.
Of phobia medication the effect is very not ideal, say strictly and eliminate the medicaments of phobia shape without a kind. Just use commonly a few fight angst and fight depressed medicaments, include the medicaments such as Fu Shaming of 100 care solution, Sailete, Buddha, its curative effect basically depends on removing the patient's angst and depressed mood, reduce plant nerve to react, alleviate illness. But stop to take medicine to have higher recrudescent rate, and effect a radical cure not easily, reason medications is a kind of auxiliary therapeutics only.
Although phobia course of diseases is long, but prognostic and good, should diagnose only clear, the patient is subjective on hold to cure, assist cure through psychotherapy and medicaments, although be as long as the phobia patient of 10 years of course of diseases, through 1 the month comes 1 half-moon comprehensive treatment, still be expected to obtain satisfactory remedial result.