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The main symptom of hysteria disease
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The main symptom of hysteria disease is obstacle of body of sex of disease of obstacle of spirit of hysteria disease sex, hysteria and its special expression form.

Obstacle of common spirit of hysteria disease sex has kind of the following fit:
1) affection erupts: Often quarrelling with the person, break out suddenly when rage, expression is abreact to the top of one's bent, cry for endlessly, in deep sorrow, bump into a head to roll about or be laughing and playing is more than. Surround in much person when view, have a fit of anger is more fierce.
2) obstacle of consciousness of hysteria disease sex: Range of main show consciousness is narrow when fit. Come on abrupt, content of scar of psychology of reaction of its utterance, movement, expression, general history can restore a few minutes, after regaining consciousness, be opposite the experience in disease cannot be recollected completely more.
3) hysteria disease sex roams: Hysteria disease roams all feature that has hysteria disease sex to forget. When arousal of intercurrent unripe days, run away from home or making an unit undertake looking appearing from start working is purposeful journey, reservation takes care of ability in my life during the journey (wait like daily life of individual sanitation, life, food) , can undertake with someone else simple society interacts (be like ask the way, run-of-mill chat, buy ticket) . Some patients also can have a few relatively complex society activities even, if make friend, see a movie etc. This kind of vagile arrangement journey may be the place that the place that has been to before perhaps has certain affection sense. Hysteria disease sex roams the characteristic of disease is to begin to mix the end is very abrupt. Without apparent prodrome. Range of consciousness of the patient when fit is narrow, can appear in my identity to identify an impediment, after the event has forget. Roam let in the process not the insider looks, life behavior of the patient is quite normal.
4) obstacle of status of hysteria disease sex: Hair sick last a period of time is brief, what expression is pair of him identities is conscious obstacle. Former to oneself identity cannot identify, often appendages of ghosts and gods feels, perhaps have family member the soul of a deceased person appendages. Right now the patient loses individual identity to identify ability and the recognizant ability to surroundings temporarily, certain activity of the patient resembles is by another kind of character, immortal, or the soul place of gone person is replaced. If imitate a the dead,conversation, appropriative deities issues orders etc. Some patients can be behaved to appear alternately with a kind of personality with two kinds of apparently distinct above (dual personality and multiple character) . Every kinds of involves character has opposite independent character and integrality, have oneself memory, behavior, hobby, the character before coming on with this patient is completely contrary, turn to another kind of character from a kind of character, abrupter also, with the scar in the life closely related sexual incident.
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