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Neurasthenic clinical expression and cure
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Neurasthenic mostly slow have disease, the symptom assumes chronic fluctuation, semiotic growth and decline often is concerned with psychological conflict. What have easy feeling quality accordingly is individual if incident should be stimulated in the life much, the disease often fluctuates and defer of course of diseases, be hard to cure thoroughly.
Neurasthenic clinical expression basically is:
(1) the symptom with cerebral feeble function: This is neurasthenic common symptom, include mental easy excitement and easy exhaustion. Easy excited and main show is associate with memory grow in quantity and mixed and disorderly, blain circle repeats thinking content apt, mixed and disorderly insignificant, make the person feels pained. The patient's attention cannot be in centrally or dedicated with some theme, the patient feels " brain is extremely random " . And, of the outside have nothing to do the attention of patient of exciting easy also move. Mental easy exhaustion regards Beard as the core symptom in neurasthenic concept, still be the main feature of neurasthenic patient up to now. The exhaustion of neurasthenic patient is function of regulating system of a kind of mental function the exhaustion of disorder be caused by, because often be accompanied,have mood symptom, some scholars say for emotionality exhaustion. It has a few characteristics: ① exhaustion often is accompanied have undesirable mental state, be like vexed, insecurity, dejected even, depression feels. Rest cannot alleviate, take tonic to also disable, but disappear as the refreshment of mood; ② exhaustion often has scene sex: If an undergraduate patient recounts him to read business book with respect to gape, the eye looks at a book, in brain however desultorily, befuddled heavy; But chat with the person or see the TV program that like however interest is full, spirit is very good, without fatigue feeling; ③ exhaustion often has diffuse quality: What does neurasthenic patient often do to feel tired, unless be to do oneself to love to do and the thing that can be competent; ④ exhaustion does not accompany those who have desire and intention to drop, instead suffer from " ability not equal to one's ambition " or " unable to do what one wants very much to do " , they are themselves due to illness and cannot implement oneself package and feel pained. In feel fatigue while often accompany invigorative Yi Xingfen, the desire is very active; ⑤ gives priority to with mental exhaustion: Neurasthenic patient is core symptom with mental exhaustion, not constant companion has the exhaustion of the body.
(2) mood symptom: Neurasthenic mood symptom basically is vexed, yi Ji is offended with insecurity. These moods also arrive it is thus clear that in healthy person, think these mood symptoms must have commonly undermentioned 3 characteristics just calculate morbid state: ① patient feels painful and appeal; ② patient feels accuse oneself hard; The intensity of ③ mood and duration and life incident or place unworthily, if be troubled for the bagatelle of a bit trifles all the day. If other mood symptoms are angst, depressed spend in neurasthenic patient intermediate range lighter, not abiding, a little neurasthenic patient can do not have depressed mood completely.
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