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Force disease to treat case
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Patient, female, 14 years old, high school student. Head fetal mature natural labor, childhood does not have special medical history, family of cadre of one's previous experience, as a child coddle since childhood. 8 years old go to school, study result is good, the friend is much. Disposition characteristic: Good think, bravery filial piety is bashful. The body is all along healthy, without familial history. Classmate home goes playing 2 years ago, just opened the door a dog is abrupt pounce comes over, two before claw builds the double shoulder in the patient to go up, be scared so that scream loudly at once. Behave spirit later depressed, bemused, alone, it is difficult to fall asleep, much dream. The patient of afterwards feels double to sleeve canister and prothorax ministry have ash, flap often with the hand. 2 lunar hind think to there is grey earth, bacterium to wait on the hand, reason washs his hands more than times 10 everyday, develop gradually, oneself are known perfectly well without this necessary, but control does not wish to twist drivel repeatedly, make its mother by force wash the dress to oneself, insolation hind still must be washed 1 times again, be afraid of to dirty thing is taken in the book, cause its to dare not read a book, study result drops apparently. The patient is this special affliction, angst, occurrence pessimism is world-weary, the expression of afterwards forces sexual misgive. Full day is immersed in mental insecurity condition, cannot insist to go to school, reason comes advisory orgnaization of green island psychology appeals psychological psychology doctor. Patient appearance is neat, need a person civilized, have intense cure desire. Expression is depressing, painful, nervous, dare not fasten belt inside the toilet, be afraid that dirty stuff is fastened inside pants, be afraid of the dirt in air, when others is brushing the ground or disrobe, also think dirty stuff flies to the side of her sometimes. Have the vomiting after the meal occasionally. Daily wash his hands more than times 10, last half hours or so every time, although be controlled via doing one's utmost, but end in failure, so that be opposite,life loses confidence.
Force disease cure to be given priority to in order to expose cure, zun Yixing realizes sexual psychology to explain. Before cure, psychological doctor coachs the patient is read " guideline of behavior treatment self-help " , the regulation that in letting patient control expose cure, should remember and guidance are gnomic, choose piece when angst appearing in exposing cure deal with measure, write on time below psychological doctor guidance accept the experience that exposes cure. Treat the effect for assess, we use the contrast that forces disease symptom to check watch total cent will undertake remedial from beginning to end. Put the issue that be in according to the patient: Force to wash one's hands and the hope is cast off be afraid of dirty, make for the patient every week a series of reveal an item. Make a patient daily attend wash up in the begining, sweep the floor, brush cuspidor, sweep a toilet to wait. The patient when the operation feels the mood is nervous, angst uneasiness, throb badly, vent one's anger not divide evenly and give cold sweat to wait, deal with what had chosen beforehand immediately right now measure recites silently in the heart: "I ought to stabilize the ground slowly ― sucks ― to breathe out ― sucks ― to breathe out... " , "I want to go away, but I know that I must stay here " , "I am too panic-stricken, I can be overcome come over... " , hold to enough time, must not make ceremonial motion, do not escape, relapse so, insist to undertake by the plan. Treat through 2 weeks exposure, the patient completes afore-mentioned work smoothly, and the mood no longer nervous. To be strengthened further and consolidate curative effect, enjoin its see dung, make water inside the toilet, smell its flavour must not evasive. Let a patient meditate the scene with intolerably dirty toilet above all, accompany a patient to walk into a toilet next, then makes his operate. The patient is very at first scared, although read silently 3 kinds of methods of a choice to deal with, but can hold to 20 ~ 40 minutes only. After half month trains repeatedly, the course can see excrement and urine be as long as 2 hours or so inside the toilet, scared experience has quite the astringent of degree. Pass the cure of 1 many months again, when walking into a toilet, scared experience disappears almost, and wash one's hands the frequency also decreases to daily 3 ~ 4. Be opposite at this moment wash up, sweep the floor, it is difficult to brush the exercise such as cuspidor to already did not feel, and do not wash his hands immediately certainly. It is via forcing disease symptom to check watch assess always is divided " 0 " (before beginning therapy, be " 7 " cent) , clinical decide " heal " . Follow after 3 months visit, the patient already can live normally, study, but still have when angry or the mood is low fear the dirty, move that wants to wash one's hands, but remember " guideline of behavior treatment self-help " when, can restrain oneself.
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