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Depend on model the expressional feature of character obstacle and remedial meth
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One, depend on model character obstacle behaves a feature
Depend on model character obstacle is the commonner character obstacle in daily life. The United States " the diagnosis of mental obstacle and statistical manual " the lieutenant general depends on model the diagnostic definition of character is:
1. Before getting suggest and assuring in great quantities from other place, cannot make to daily thing decision-making.
2. Helpless feeling, let others make most important decision for oneself, if live in where, should choose what profession to wait.
3. By abandon feeling. Know perfectly well other fault, also chime in with others, because fear by others abandon.
4. Without independent character, develop a plan very hard alone or work.
5. Excessive and patient, do to please other to be willing low or the thing that oneself do not wish to do.
6. Be in alone from time to tome unwell with helpless feeling, or go all lengths in order to escape loneliness.
7. Feel helpless when close relation break down or break down.
8. Often be afflicted by the thought of person abandon.
9. Because did not get,speak favorably of very easily or encounter criticism and be harmed.
Want 5 medium to satisfy afore-mentioned features only, can diagnose to depend on model character.
Depend on model character is right close with attributive exorbitant is longed for, this kind is longed for is force, blind, blame is rational, have nothing to do with real feeling. Depend on model the person of character auxes would rather the individual interest that forgoes oneself, philosophy, want him to be able to find a patron only, always get others is opposite his warmth with respect to be perfectly satisfied. Depend on model this kind of social means of character makes him lazier and lazier, flimsy, lack autonomy and creativity. Because subdue demand perfection everywhere, depend on model character obstacle patient can produce more and more depressive move, this kind of depressive feeling is preventing him to work what to nod or what individual is liked for oneself.
Psychologist suddenly Ni is depended on in the analysis model when character, the person that points out this kind of type has a few characteristics:
(1) feels oneself are weak and helpless, one is plant " I know arenaceous small pitiful " feeling. When wanting him make a decision, sense be at one's wits' end, lost the boat of the harbour like, resembled losing the friendly girl of cummer again.
(2) of course ground thinks other people is finer than oneself, more charming than oneself, abler than oneself.
(Apt of 3) involuntary ground evaluates him with the view of others.
Depend on model character results from what the mankind develops is inchoate. Childhood period children leaves parents to cannot live, he is protected in children impression, foster him, satisfy him the parents of all need is all-purpose, he must depend on them, always uncle lost this protection mind. At this moment if parents is beyond the mark doting, encourage children to depend on parents, do not let them have be brought up and free-standing opportunity, as time passes of as a result, meet what produce pair of parents or authority gradually depend on psychology in filial memory, after manhood still cannot own. Lack self-confident heart, always rely on other to decide, lifelong the responsibility that cannot choose to accept each task, job since the burden, form depend on model character. Such example common occurance in the life, the folktale that has a widely known is provided extremely representative. One's later years of a pair of couples is gotten child, very glad, regard the son as a beloved daughter, hold in both hands be afraid of on the hand fly, contain in the mouth to be afraid of change, what thing does not make him dry, the son is brought up to also cannot provide for oneself even basic life later. One day, the couple should go far door, uncle the son is starved to death, thought a way then, bake in a pan one magnify cake, cover the neck in the son to go up, tell him to want to one is bitten when eating. Wait for them to answer when arriving in the home, the son is already starved to death. So he knows to eat the cake before the neck only, do not know to turn the cake from the back come over to eat. This story is sarcastic a little acerbity rather, but the similar phenomenon in real life also cannot say, especially most nowadays family is a singleton female, grandmother of grandma of parents, grandfather, grandfather inspects for baby, daily life of the child counts a family member badly, cause after be brought up, the life provides for oneself ability extreme difference. Some newspaper ever carried a student pass an entrance examination student studying abroad going abroad, but this nobody after be born to think of to go abroad washs clothes to him, nobody takes care of his life to feel scared, be forced to quit the job of opportunity going abroad finally. Be versed in less according to Tianjin city appoint unripe to 1500 middle and primary school investigation, among them 51. The student of 9 % arranges articles for daily use and study appliance for a long time by the parent; Have 74. The student of 4 % leaves parents to be at a loss what to do on the life and study; Have 13 only. The student of 4 % now and then do some of simple chore, the circumstance makes a person really can care. Analyse from above knowable, at present if singleton female education does not catch grip good, some children can be formed probably depend on model character, as a child the respect discusses the prospect that affected an individual, tell the destiny that is the development that affects generation person and even whole country from big field.
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