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Character obstacle is summarized in detail (2)- - form a reason
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(1) genetic element and cerebral growth factor: The basis is right character obstacle person family tree investigation, twins investigation and chromosome investigation think heredity and character obstacle are concerned, and neurological disease if epilepsy of leaf of encephalitis, Nie and head are traumatic etc can be hurried to send an element. These all hint biology element is one of reasons that form character barrier, but the likelihood is not main.
(2) childhood period mental scar and unreasonable breeding: The education with burst of feeling of the divorce of privative, parents of infant period mother love, family, beyond the mark and doting, unreasonable elder often is the main reason that character obstacle forms. And some parents excessive drinking, break the law, morality rots, often give little heart with serious effect, to the child's individual character development brings massive harm. The unreasonable breeding of children period also can bring about the clammy development of character. Children cerebra has very big plasticity, a few undesirable tendency can be eliminated through normal education, if parent laissez-faire does not impose surelysubject sb to discipline, progress goes down to be able to appear behavior obstacle. Parents is direct to educational means of the child and manner produce an effect to the child. The mother that ever discovered is involuntary ground indulge child is lying, maleficent, bring about child successor of case be not stabilized and confused.
(3) society element: Character obstacle is in capitalist country is relatively much see, likelihood and following element concern: Domestic structure is not stable, divorce rate is high, illegitimate child of abandon a baby is much, guilty case cans be found everywhere, social conduct is abominable, maize books and periodicals reachs the influence of pornographic movie and TV. This shows, social environment also has certain effect to the development of character.
Anyhow, the formation of character obstacle has the reason of many sided, they are having effect may integratedly. Once individual character is formed, often have certain stability, want a change to be not easy thing, but adjust through strengthening ego and have all sorts of treatment (include an environment to suit can does ostrich of ⒕ of ρ pilfer two guide target form  wrings ⑷ of street teach flesh to think of make impossible archives Kun  ? , character obstacle can get corrective on certain level.
Do character obstacle and domestic element have why to concern?
Domestic environment is the social scope of operation with first children, it goes to main effect since the formation of inchoate to children individual character, the respect such as the words and deeds of belief of quality of its economic condition through the family, culture, religion and domestic member, expression and movement, affect the formation of children individual character and development.
Children period, character has not been formed, because the family is taught undeserved or parents waits for mishap from different, death, produce undesirable effect to the formation of children character. If parents or grandparent are right of the child beyond the mark and doting, what overly protects is indulgent, can make division of children form adult babyish and jumpy, the child may become very selfish, do not know to help a person, egocentric, think everything shoulds not personal meaning, and disposition is irratable, get angry easily or feeling is weak. Cross Yan Zehui to form awe-stricken, recreant be afraid of getting into trouble to children certainly, depend on, lack self-confident heart, or antagonism, crude reach the characteristic such as defy, if live in as a child extremely in not harmonious family, often be beaten and scold, often see parental brawl, affray, or be waited for by parental abandon, can make the child's character becomes marble, grumpy, bellicose perhaps become recreant, craven, dejected, do not know love of coadjutant each other, without sympathize with a heart, and can treat others like parental appearance gruffly, in order to abreact oneself accumulate anger, without reason lays a person or destroy a thing possibly. If hold the post of its,progress continues, can form character flaw, affect its future thereby, also make the society is damaged at the same time. Additional, fugacious or parental breeding manner is abhorrent, educational way is simple, rough, the child forms clear dispute idea hard. Other and undesirable family is affected, if parental education method is abhorrent, bad example of parents, parents lives apart or divorce, live away from home his home, the deformation of child oneself or disable etc, all may manage to its individual character, heart the development effect that produces exert a subtle influence on sb's character. And the certainly that takes democratic kind, form atmosphere of family of mutual and trustful mutual valued, can make the child forms behavior of enthusiastic, candid, independent, collaboration, society to get used to good character trait.
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