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Character obstacle is summarized in detail (6)- - the distinction with mental di
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The change of certain disposition or behavior may appear before the madman is ill, be similar to character obstacle expression, force a gender for instance neurosis and force model character obstacle, obstacle of schizophrenia and dissension character, sometimes corresponding either distinction is difficulty. The distinction of change of character of be caused by of depressed disease, schizophrenia and character obstacle makes the neurosis that sees mental average below, mania simply introduce.
(1) neurosis
In character the development after already was being formed rises most neurosis; And character obstacle begins from one's early years commonly, constant and stubborn, change hard, corresponding neurosis can happen below intense mental stimulation. Neurosis patient can experience his anguish, and character obstacle person to its normal lack knows character deviate oneself. Neurosis patient environment gets used to ability passable, and character obstacle person general society malajustment.
(2) mania is depressed disease
OK and main show is light-duty or not typical mania easy very excited, captious, provoke a dispute, willfully make a trouble, atttack or violate the act such as other unusual, if be gone to already the circumstance is unspecified, often by accident obstacle of examine humanness case. But careful observation still can discover affection is grow in quantity of rising, verbal movement, stimulant wait for basic symptom by force, if combine the disposition feature before medical history and patient,distinguish not hard.
(3) schizophrenia
The schizophrenia is inchoate the change that can behave humanness case and behavior, like work discipline lax, mood work efficiency of flabby, ill-mannered, study drops, aberrance behavior, easy as promiscuous as character obstacle. But what the schizophrenia still accompanies the affection reaction that has impropriety and thinking activity at the same time is unusual, and the schizophrenia comes on previously, do not have apparent social malajustment commonly.
The schizophrenia alleviates not complete but bequeath character flaw, but outside be being changed except character, respect of affection, thinking, volition also has an obstacle, they often lack spontaneity and natural sex, character obstacle place does not have this.
Light-duty or those who be in static condition is cranky model schizophrenia, but by accident examine is cranky model character obstacle, but latter and main show is right on beyond the mark and sensitive foundation the misunderstanding of daily thing and human relation, produce certain embroil thereby, do not break away from reality, do not produce psychedelic, vain hope commonly, can undertake discriminative with the schizophrenia.