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Character obstacle is summarized in detail (7)- - method of ego prevention and c
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What is the method of ego prevention and cure of character obstacle?
(The precaution of 1) character obstacle
Psychology considers to think, the character obstacle of a person, be in one's early years (be in commonly 15 years old before) begin to form, emphasize the inchoate education of children so, it is important to be to preventing the happening of character obstacle, development to come. When problem of children occurrence behavior, parents and teacher anything but can neglectful, laissez-faire or indulge, and should try in time correctional, if can see psychological doctor or mental family doctor. Some parents are excessive to the child the favorite, individual character that indulges the child holds the post of his to develop, it is normal to make the child's individual character forms deviate easily, bungle is lifetime. Young father and mother especially singleton female parents, knowing this is very important. Family, nursery school and school should give to the child good education, correct undesirable action of the child in time. Should do his utmost to reduce domestic issue, avoid parents to leave other, should create good human relationship and surroundings, this has profit greatly to the precaution of character obstacle.
(The cure of 2) character obstacle
Once character obstacle produces more difficult cure, but also be not incurable disease. Specific treatment method has:
① psychotherapy: Character obstacle treats a principle always, it is the society that should improve a patient and psychological environment. If do his utmost to make the person all round does not discriminate against them, grant to be shown loving care for enthusiasticly, train them to do the thing that is beneficial to a society, teach them to respect other to also respect his. Remedial personnel should contact understanding patient condition deep, establish good relationship with them, obtain their credit, help them realize him character flaw; Point out individual character can be changed then, encourage them better correctional oneself diseased character behavior, develop their perfect mentality, inspire the relation between their improvement and family, colleague or classmate.
Current, what suffer praise highly fully is habitual nurturance law correctional character obstacle, specific means: Remedial personnel teachs children to make life record with their parent, in order to change their way of life, the frequency drop off that makes their thick violence is. Be used to nurturance law set an example as follows: The child is late 20 minutes, the following day early in the morning must ask he shifts to an earlier date 30 minutes to arrive school; If the child finishs study job well, give the playtime that increases 2 hours to be rewarded in order to show namely. Such coming that correct character obstacle to be able to get certain result.
② medications: The person that to having impulse, charge behavior reachs loop character obstacle, with carbonic acid lithium cure often can get better result. The Fen Sai Qin that the person that the mood is not stabilized can give small dose kind medicaments, if act vigorously is static 2 ~ 4mg or chlorpromazine 100 ~ 300mg, take before sleeping one times. Explode the person that companion of hairstyle character obstacle has electroencephalogram to change, but try out fights epileptic medicaments, if block Ma Xiping. Have angst show, hamper because of this when be being contacted with the society, can give stable 5mg, daily 2 times profess to convinced is treated, above measure, to character obstacle correctional can have certain effect. 
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