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Character obstacle is summarized in detail (5)- - the distinction with crime
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Character obstacle person can have illegal criminality, the person that turn over society character obstacle especially is most. Of same quality commit a crime frequently, crime is special in the convict with brutal or abominable clue, the person that makes an appointment with 1/3 belongs to the character obstacle of this type. But, character obstacle and normal crime cannot be equal; The crime of convict, in the final analysis is to obtain the thing of a need, their guilty activity carries out this to make clear a purpose from beginning to end, and character obstacle person violating discipline or criminality is not in a planned way commonly, have aforethought, its motive is ambiguous, very it's hard to say has what objective, why did they choose action of this kind of harm, often do not understand for person place, sometimes they are denied even the purpose with special what drives them to commit a crime, as a result of,be only temporarily actuation be caused by; Convict is normally do not harm oneself as far as possible, and clammy character person make other is harmed, also make at the same time they themselves sink disgrace and painful condition, average criminal is not scarce the great offense such as homicide, but typical character obstacle person it seems that rare and great offense.
What distinction do character obstacle and crime have?