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Character obstacle is summarized in detail (4)- - type
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The sort of character obstacle and its watch are existing:
(1) is cranky model character: This kind of person is sensitive and suspicious, small-minded, to who distrust, without sympathize with a heart, proud, heart of be jealous of is strong, see a problem subjective and one-sided, at the same time ego is overestimated, the setback on the not successful, career that goes up to the job and failure, never meditate oneself have why defect and error, always is to ascribe to others is intended with his oppose be caused by. They are used to be attributed to contribution their, push the mistake others, inexorable any critical opinions, always feel suffer a person to bully, others is faithless to him. For individual interest, they everywhere appeal, write charge letter even, have the firm will that does not achieve a purpose to stop anything but.
(2) dissension character: Person behavior is eccentric and this kind is cranky, humanness is alone, disagreement group. What lack minimum to the person is gentle with love, without the intimate, without social come-and-go, others is without feeling to his evaluation. They are silent very static, stand aloof from the worldly affairs, to everything all uninterested. But general still can cognitive reality. Have various fantasy or illusion, but did not break away from reality commonly. They are atttacked in expression or appear faint on animosity, when facing tight situation or disaster, appear indifferent, apathetic.
(3) hysteria disease character: Affection of good impression of this kind of person is in power, apparently appear enthusiasm, congenial, but lack is genuine, changeful and babyish. Behavior characteristic is self-dramatizing, mincing. They hope their words and deeds can cause the attention of other, peacockish, egocentric, ego abandon, often react to trifling bagatelle mood too intense, sometimes for no reason gets angry. Their requirement is particularly much, dependence is strong, always hope to get others take care of, and it is others consider rarely. Their life, be like sometimes Thespian and general, seek stimulation, allusive sex is strong.
(4) forces model character: They notice whether their behavior is normal overly, bearing is appropriate, because this is behaved particularly formalistly. If walk to count the habit of wayside telegraph pole from time to tome, lock up door hind to be examined repeatedly. Their misgive is beyond the mark, self-confident heart is insufficient, always have a kind of not perfect feeling, beyond the mark keep one's eyes peeled, when anything crops up follow rules, by rule, do sth unconventional or unorthodox rarely or original creation. Because their at every turn is gone after,mix to the queen's taste complete and accurate, accordingly, do what thing to want to check a nucleus repeatedly no matter right, be afraid of fault bussiness trip. The thinking way that they return him basis of constant requirement others and habitual act, hamper sometimes the freedom of other.
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