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Character obstacle is summarized in detail (3)- - common characteristic
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(1) is general only then at adolescence: The feature of character obstacle often from children period clue is shown first, but as a result of at this moment the plasticity of character is bigger, just become remarkable to adolescence commonly.
(They have 2) the psychological characteristic of disorder adventitious and the human relation that get along hard: This is the behavior feature with the mainest obstacle of of all kinds character. They are behaved more wait to encroach other other of cranky, suspicion, passive or actively, cause huge trouble to bring damage even to other.
(3) they ascribe any difficulty that encounter to the fault of destiny or others: Accordingly, cannot realise oneself defect more, or what does need correct. They often regard everything of society or outside as absurd, ought not to such.
(4) they think they do not have any responsibility to others: If do not have Babylon feeling to improper behavior, harm others does not regret, do place to give self-righteous plead to can be done to his place.
(They walk along 5) where, suspicious oneself, be hostile to and where does inherent view take: Any new environments, new mood, new human concern is unalterable its behavior characteristic.
(Their behavior consequence often hurts 6) reach others, jeopardize a society, and themselves is imperturbable however.
(7) always is by others grouse or send first make their bad behavior is able to expose, is not themselves feels have what ailment, mood uneasiness.
The behavior problem of character obstacle behaves degree to differ, the lightest person can live normally completely, what contact more talent to be able to discover him with them only is eccentric, feel their make trouble out of nothing, get along hard. Serious person at every turn disobeys a society consuetudinary, get used to normal social life hard.