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Turn over the expression of society character obstacle and characteristic and re
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Turn over society character to also call mental disease voice or social morbid state, be contrary to heart sex character. In all sorts of types of character obstacle, psychologist and alienist place take turn over society character obstacle seriously most.
Will look according to alienist and the positive result that psychologist studies, generation turns over the main reason of society character to have: The influence of the social environment that mother of funeral of father of funeral of one's early years or parents leave different, nursling, congenital constitution is unusual, abominable, family environment and unreasonable regime, and growth of central nervous system is immature wait. Think commonly, domestic burst, children is abandoned by parents and be ignored, lack as a child parental go up with affection on the life take care of and cherish, it is the main society element that society character is formed and develops instead. Children is abandoned by parents and be included two kinds of implications by negligence: One of, parents is cool to the child, the alienation on affection, this makes children impossible to develop human the docile, enthusiasm between and close relationship. Subsequently children although the certain demand that formally studied a society to live, but immigrant to the affection of other cannot get due development.
Alleged affection moves in psychology person, it is to point to understanding other and partake the ability of other mood, or bring into oneself from thought affection the mood of other. Secondly, it is to point to parental behavior or parents to lack consistency to the child's requirement. Parents is behaved chop and changely, be fond of evil, rewards and punishments not to have established rule or practice, make child not know what to do. Because often lack the example that can follow the example of, children has clear ego oneness with respect to impossible development. Turn over patient of society character obstacle to be opposite hellion and the resistance of the lack that entice to partner, immanent to fault lack the phenomenon such as heart enmity regret, it is the abhorrent sex as a result of other rewards and punishments, the judgement of value of him good and evil is self-contradictory what cause; Their actuation sex and cannot contain certain apiration and wish, because domestic member is unprincipled to his behavior, immoral,be, lack. E makes those who wait for abominable example to cause. Visible, the mood adventitious that turns over society character, irresponsible, lie deceit, dan Youtai is not had however move at sad behavior, have main concern with environment of family, society.
One, expressional feature
1. Outside and attractive, have level of intelligence of medium or medium above. The first time acquaintance gives a person very good impression, can help others remove concern it is irritated, difficult to solve.
2. Be not reason and other show without what be considered as mental symptom normally, without psychedelic, covet and other thought obstacle.
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