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Character obstacle is summarized in detail (one)- - what is character obstacle?
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Character obstacle one word, it is psycho the noun in diagnostic classification. Its definition is: "The remarkable deviate of character trait is normal, the deviate of trait of this kind of character makes the patient formed peculiar behavior mode and to environmental malajustment, reach the level that bite off own head even. Reach the level that bite off own head even..
Average person is an upright person play have definite pattern, the demand that should accept social standard and examine. If surmounted normal limits,formed character barrier. Character obstacle, it is as normative as normal society criterion hard be in harmony just a kind of psychogenic disorder. Have the person of character obstacle, different of its behavior mode at the ordinary person, for instance some character obstacle patients, often be a bit bagatelle at every turn bristle with anger, violent rage not oneself, merciless to person cruelty, it is with the anguish of other happy, insincere to person a unit of weight, extremely not responsible, the thing that do lead does not have compunction and ashamed heart absolutely, extreme selfishness, emotional inhospitality, they are right environmental malajustment, devoid friend. These also are affecting their professional function necessarily, often " do not want where, also stay not to grow where " . But they are without however to this know oneself, just blindly blame everyone and everything but not oneself, and do not check oneself absolutely. Character obstacle begins Yu Tong normally year, teenage or the adult is inchoate, even is lifetime after lasting to manhood all the time.
1806 France ever produced a such jobs: Adult of a male, made a noise for bagatelle with one woman on well platform a few mouths, under this man violent rage, throw the woman in the well unexpectedly, this matter causes in an uproar. Concerned person suspects this man is abnormal, ask the doctor is diagnosed. Via knowing medical history in detail, the mother that knows this man is the person of weakness of case of one individual character, indulge coddle to son from a child. Grant whatever is requested, until manhood becomes overbearing unplug retinue, do not cause intense anger at will a bit, ceng Yi foot kicks the dog dead, hear Ma Jiaoze to use lash of ground of whippy firm life, the doctor passes iteration consideration, think this is a kind of disease. This case reports an about character obstacle case that come out the earliest namely.
The person that have some of character obstacle, its character obstacle happens after contracting certain disease, be like epileptic ill patient, after long-term and frequent fit, character becomes fierce, bring down of bagatelle of details of atrocious, plan, bear grudges, ability cannot be competent the job, be hard to get along with others; After sufferring from a schizophrenia, expressional loneliness does not love association, affection enterprise of dim, lack, these character obstacles happen on the foundation of the disease. Say to these character change all humanness case is unusual, see alleged character is unusual from this, the content that it includes is more extensive. And character obstacle points to those hair that be not afterwards only at certain disease, it is the character deviate that begins to be formed gradually from childhood normal person. Also somebody sends those formerly character obstacle of the gender, they although disposition blames crime, but passable hold to the job, study, the person that live and do not endanger other or oneself, the humanness case deviate that say.
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