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The expressional characteristic of attack character obstacle and remedial method
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One, characteristic
Attack character obstacle is one kind has apparently actuation sex to be the character obstacle of main feature with behavior and mood, call barrier of cruel hairstyle or impulse character again, still have the following characteristic normally.
1. The mood is impatient and irritable, put in the impulse that cannot control oneself and driving force.
2. Often show on disposition outward attack, harum-scarum with act blindly sex.
3. Actuation motive is formed can be conscious, also can be involuntary.
4. The action is capricious, can be calculated, also can not have a plan in order to be. There is strong nervous feeling before the action, the experience arrives after the action happy, contented or loosen feeling, without true compunction, feel from exterminate or injustice.
5. Psychological development is diseased and immature, often bring about psychology lopsided.
6. Produce the liability of bad behavior and crime easily.
Afore-mentioned expression are active attack model expression. Still have a kind of passive attack form, its are main the feature is the fashion show with passivity its strong attack trend. Appearance of this kind of person is behaved passivity and obedience, docile and obediently, the heart is virulent however with aggressiveness. For example, intended evening arrives, do not answer a phone intentionally or write back, do not support intentionally make the job cannot undertake; Dense is obstinate collate, do not listen bring into play. Protracted time, be destroyed silently or pullback. Their be hostile to affection and attack tendency very intense, but dare not reveal directly again at outside, they although complaint bellyful, but in the heart very depend on authority.
Obstacle of active attack character and in front mention turn over photograph of society character obstacle similar, but have distinction again. Say commonly, active attack character appears relatively abiding attack words and deeds, lack controls capacity oneself, it is main show with atttacking impulse to other; Turn over society character to basically behave the mutinous words and deeds of pair of other and society, have teach repeatedly change hard, with one's eyes open, often end with caustic person's not hoggish failure ending, cannot absorb experience to teach a lesson. In a word, the behavior of active attack character with controlling capacity oneself low for the characteristic, and turn over society character not to accord with social standard to be a feature with behavior.

2, form a reason
The account that attack character obstacle produces basically has the following sides:
1. Physiology reason. Many animal experiment and clinical data make clear, attack behavior has its physiology base. A few physiologists put forward, cerebella maturity defer, deliver the suffocate suffocate of nerve road development of pleasure, be hard to experience consequently and the experience is happy with safety, the likelihood is the element that atttacks behavior happening. Somebody reports, electric wave of violent malfeasant midbrain is unusually much see, especially the slow wave activity of clever leaf and positive pointed wave, 2 % are in average crowd, it is 14 % in attack character patient. Additional, attack behavior still is mixed with human body endocrine male hormone is secreted concern too much.
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