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The expression of performance character obstacle reachs remedial method
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Performance character obstacle is the character obstacle that a kind of beyond the mark affection is changed and attracts an attention to be main characteristic with exaggerated words and deeds. Feeling of this kind of person suffers the allusive effect of others changefully, easily, constant hope leader and colleague are praised and him admire, wish limelight, enter all sorts of people's much activity actively, often mix with appearance of words and deeds theatricalize come seductive. They constant be swayed by one's emotions, the likes and dislikes that uses oneself will judge a thing, like an illusion, words and deeds and fact often differ very far.
Diagnostic character obstacle is a performance model 3 in needing to accord with project issueing method:
① expression is exaggerative, theatricality is same, mincing, affection experience is peripheral;
② suggestion sex is tall, suffer the effect of other very easily;
③ is egocentric, importune others to accord with his need or volition, do not resent embarrassed or strongly to others flexibly;
④ often longs to praise and sympathize with, feeling is vulnerable;
⑤ seeks stimulation, enter all sorts of social activities actively;
⑥ needs others to often notice, for bring to sb's attention, not hesitate try to please the public with claptrap, exaggerate sth just to scare people, outward perhaps appearance and behavior respect expression attract the opposite sex overly;
⑦ affection reaction is intense, changeful, the affection that presses an individual completely judges stand or fall;
⑧ conversation exaggerate, adulteration imagines a scenario, specific true details, be hard to check.
Performance character obstacle person existing more or less in the life, for example, some enterprise one youth woman worker, pay attention to dress to dress up only at ordinary times, play the peacock, the thing of limelight does on the unit. Like to hear sound, honey-tongued to her praise voice only, do not love to hear the voice that objects her, do not love to hear criticism more, a bit lighter criticism is disastrous to her, still do not go to work after roughhouse. She makes the same score saying language, behavior and dress to always love to imitate star of movie and TV and vocal star, be like her herself is star like, etc. Performance character obstacle person besides be troubled by domestic uneasiness is rather, also be to make what controller headaches in the enterprise.
Accordingly, to performance character obstacle person undertake cure is very indispensible. Basically give priority to with psychotherapy to their cure, be like cognitive psychotherapy, the method that adopts psychotherapy makes the character of their deviate is able to correct.