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The expressional feature of dissension character obstacle and remedial method
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Obstacle of   dissension character is daily life the commonner character obstacle in counteracting psychology to seek advice from outpatient service. According to Shanghai adolescent little reason health investigates a data to show, break up among them the 29 % left and right sides that obstacle of kind moral quality holds character obstacle sum total, be close to 1 / 3. Luo Xun points out famous 1975 alienist especially this sort 7 what the person takes normal crowd about. 5 % , and the male over female.
One, expressional feature
  " plan of classification of Chinese spirit disease and diagnostic standard " (the to obstacle of disrupt model moral quality properties in one 2 one R) narrates CCMD for:
1. Have curious belief, or with culture setting unworthily behavior, if believe induction of clairvoyance, heart, distinctive function and sixth sense,wait.
2. Strange, abnormal or special action or appearance, be like dress peculiar, raunchy, behavior malapropos, habit or purpose are ambiguous.
3. Verbal and barpque, be like the excursive, misgivings that use a word, numerous opinion of brief improper, expression is not clear, be not the element place such as literacy rate or intelligent obstacle to cause.
4. Blazing consciousness experiences, if pass sexual illusion, psychedelic, see nonexistent person.
5. Cool to the person, not exceptional also to the relative, lack warmth to show consideration for.
6. Expression is dim, lack profundity or vivid affection experience.
7. Much more independent activity, be confined to the contact that live or needs in the job actively with person association, close friend is not had outside dividing one class relative.
Symptom of   patient accords with 3 in afore-mentioned projects at least, just can diagnose for obstacle of disrupt model moral quality. From the diagnosis of above the standard can see, patient of obstacle of disrupt model moral quality basically shows devoid tender feeling, establish deep-felt affection connection with others hard, accordingly, their human concern is common very poor. They appear stand aloof Fan Chen, cannot enjoy a variety of fun of the world, like husband and wife between blend, the family happiness that family reunites, also lack expressive mankind at the same time exquisite affective ability. Patient of obstacle of moral quality of model of division of reason great majority is single. Although married, also end in order to divorce more. Say commonly, this kind of person is indifferent also to the opinion of others, no matter be praise or criticism, all apathetic. Live, kind the life of alone loneliness. Have some of person among them, can have some of hobby, but it is to read more, appreciation music, ponder over the activity with quiet, passive and so on, partial person is lost in possibly still all one's life some kind is professional, make taller success. But from overall for, work of this kind of life is insipid, inflexible, lack creativity and independent character, get used to changeful modern society life hard.
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