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Parental education and character obstacle
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Alleged spirit is healthy, it is to point to everybody to maintain good recognition level, smooth mood feeling, proper behavior way and normal socialization and professional function in the social culture environment with located oneself. Adolescence is a crucial period that character forms. The development of character and environmental element, especially the relation of domestic element gets all the time the attention of psycho, psychology and social all circles.
Academia fosters parents means cent to be affection warmth model, refuse model, overprotection with the preference model.
Affection warmth parents shows the jubilation of two pairs daughter with language and attitude, often praise children, can forgive filial fault, respect filial opinion, participate in filial activity and succeed for its and proud.
Refuse model exorbitant to expectation of filial at every turn, children of beyond the mark limitation and beyond the mark to the problem of likelihood happening angst.
Preference beyond the mark to children doting, indulge and partial.
Domestic and international a lot of research makes clear, of character trait of children and parents foster means closely related, undesirable parents fosters means to be able to cause filial character deviate, it is the critical factor that causes the behavior problem such as character obstacle, neurosis, drug taking.
Reach its to discuss the sicken of teenage character deviate and young case obstacle to lead the relation of relevant element, we undertook to high school student and undergraduate the series of character deviate and character obstacle studies respectively.
It is to be in Beijing to the high school student's investigation two key middle schools and two blame key middle schools undertake. According to the method that epidemiology studies, use judge oneself questionnaire, " character diagnostic questionnaire " (PDQ - R) , " parents fosters means questionnaire " (EMBU) investigated 1148 mix first tall one student, the student doubt that discovers 14.3 % as a result has character deviate, the student of 3.7 % has character deviate. Data analysis shows, the rejection of character deviate and parents and overprotection show positive to close, show negative to close with affection warmth of parents, parents fosters the element such as type of degree of means, education, school is character the doubtful and critical factor of deviate happening.
Right after 3 years same approved a high school student to undertake tracking following visitting with same method, the character deviate that discovers them as a result decreases apparently, the student change with junior high school and unusual high school parts to be mixed for 81.3 % for normal scale 44.2 % , and normal student change parts to be mixed for 7.4 % only for unusual scale 2.6 % . Visible, as the growth of the age, chapter of bad character tendency greater part is able to improve, this specification undertakes intervening seeing effect to teenage character deviate.
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