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Narcissism character obstacle admits really with remedial method
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One, expressional feature
To the diagnosis of narcissism character obstacle, still do not have completely uniform standard at present. Think its feature basically is as follows commonly:
1. It is to critical reaction anger, shame or feel discreditable (although be not expressed at once certainly,show) .
2. Like to incite other, want other to serve for oneself.
3. Beyond the mark above oneself, exaggerated to oneself ability its demit, the hope suffers a person to pay close attention to particularly.
4. The problem that is certain he pays close attention to is a world go up particular, cannot be understood by certain and special character.
5. Have the illusion that is not a portion to infinite success, influence, honorary, beauty or ideal love.
6. Think oneself should enjoy the privilege that other does not have.
7. The attention with protracted longing and praise.
8. Lack sympathizes with a heart.
9. Have very strong envious heart.
Want 5 among them to appear only, can diagnose for narcissism character.
Narcissism character behaves likeness in what make many sided and hysteria disease character, if affection is theatricalized, still like a gender to tease sometimes etc. The different point of both depends on, the human case extroversion of hysteria disease character, enthusiastic, and the person of narcissism character is introvert, chill.

2, narcissism character obstacle treats a method
To the cure of narcissism character obstacle, can use the following method commonly:
1. Remove to be watched selfishly. The mainest feature of narcissism character is egocentric, and the most egocentric phase in life is infantile period. This shows, the behavior of patient of narcissism character obstacle degraded actually infantile period. Si Weiersite is in Zhu Di his " lose necessarily " the respecting in one book: "An infatuation does not wish to lose childhood at the person of the cradle, also cannot get used to adult world " . Accordingly, want to treat narcissism character, must understand the act of those baby suffixation of a nonsyllabic r to nouns and sometimes verbs. The character trait that you can think yourself to the be disgusted with that invite a person is disrelished and others come down to your critical enumerate, look how many to have the component of infantile period. For example:
The attention with ① protracted longing and praise, once be not noticed,use extreme act.
② likes to incite others, regard oneself as a title assumed by an emperor's father who abdicated in favor of his son.
③ is right the good thing lick one's chaps of others, extremely envious to the success of others.
Through recalling oneself childhood, you can discover above character characteristic has its prototype in childhood. For example:
① always yearns for parents attention and praise, every time when parents ignores this, act shamelessly, make trouble or make some of a kick in one's gallop motion in order to draw parental attention.
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