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Cranky model the expressional feature of character obstacle and remedial method
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Cranky model character calls covet moral quality again. Its behavior characteristic often behaves for: Exceeding hypersensitive, to affront and Yu Huai of harm be troubled; Thought behavior is obstinate and formalist, sensitive and suspicious, breadth of mind is narrow; Love is envious, obtain achievement or honor to sense nervous uneasiness to others, burn in fire of be jealous of, not be provoke brawl, it is rearward says sarcastic remarks, or complain publicly and censure others; Self-righteous, self-glorifying, overestimate to oneself ability, wont ascribes failure and responsibility to other, go up in the job and study often exaggerated; At the same time very self-abased, always cross much more exorbitant requirement others, but all along the motive of distrust others and desire, think others on purpose undesirable; Cannot correct, analyse a situation objectively, have a problem easy set out from individual feeling, subjective and one-sided sex is big; If build a family, the spouse that often suspects oneself is disloyal etc. The person that holds this kind of character is in the home cannot harmonious, outer cannot get along with friend, colleague harmonious, people is forced to be opposite his stay at a respectful distance from sb.
One, expressional feature
Diagnose to facilitate, " plan of classification of Chinese spirit disease and diagnostic standard " the lieutenant general is cranky model the diagnostic described as of character:
1. Suspicious extensively, constant other innocently, the friendly even behavior misunderstanding that is not ill will is animosity or discriminate against, or without sufficient ground, suspicion can be used or harm, because of beyond the mark vigilance and this defense.
2. Will all round thing explanation closes real case to not agree with " conspiratorial " , can make sense exceeding value.
3. Easy generation morbid state is envious.
4. Beyond the mark and conceited, if have setback or failure,ascribe to person, always think oneself are correct.
5. Others of good envy and hate, humane to him fault cannot good-tempered.
6. Lose contact with reality the land is good argue with hostility, toughly pursuit individual is not quite reasonable " the right " or interest.
7. Ignore or do not believe the objective proof that does not accord with with patient idea. Consequently very hard the idea that argue or fact will come to change a patient.
The patient's symptom wants 3 medium to accord with afore-mentioned projects at least, just can diagnose for cranky model character obstacle.
Cranky model the person of character has self-knowledge rarely, deny a manner to hold to his cranky travel, accordingly socially number and scale are really unspecified.
According to data of investigation of Shanghai adolescent mental hygiene made clear 1988, 5 what the number of obstacle of this kind of character holds psychogenic disorder total number. 8 % , actual condition should exceed this scale possibly. Discovery is returned in investigation and study, cranky model in character obstacle patient with the male more see, and pledge with bile or the person of extroversion disposition is in the majority.
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