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The formation of character obstacle what does the reason have
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Because some is planted,character obstacle is diseased congenital quality, or form below the influence of element of environment of acquired and undesirable society, two kinds of circumstances hold concurrently and have. Its expression is in:
(1) biology heredity element. Kin is closer, occurence rate is higher. Of obstacle of case of somebody of one's own parents, the rate that children be adoptinged has clammy moral quality is high. The twin that be the same as egg is parturient the egg that compare different is parturient the consistent rate that waits for a respect in character obstacle, error and crime is higher.
(2) pathology physiology element. Character obstacle patient's exciting to static state and insecurity own response rate is lower than normal person, their apt lacks suspense, cannot draw a lesson from inside experience consequently.
(3) acquired surroundings and social element. This is the external cause that forms unusual character, and it is very main factor. The unusual mood of character obstacle patient reacts and children learns in growing process on behavior means, during children pure through observation, imitate, can feel to make amorous mood reaction and behavior way, include the action of malajustment of a few societies, come down through the condition reflexes mechanism and consolidating. The childhood of patient of obstacle of date from character, the effect that Chang Kefa shows undesirable environment to arise to place of its character deviate. Childhood accepts domestic member especially act impact of parents is the biggest. Additionally adult falls in serious and long-term spirit blow (like confinement of a miscarriage of justice, alone segregation) , the character of significance of the involuntary discharge of urine after also be being met is changed
Once the individual's character is formed, the constant with often be had certain is qualitative, want a change to be not easy thing, alleged " country changes easily, nature moves hard " . But, "The world does not have tickler, be afraid of a person with high aspirations and determination only " . Should strengthen only ego is adjusted and have all sorts of treatment, character obstacle can be corrected.