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Character obstacle has which a few kinds after all
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The individual character of the constitution that each person has the body and psychology the characteristic of two respects. The difference of intelligence of individual character eliminate and ability is the difference of character. Character by temperament and disposition two respects are formed. Temperament points to the dynamic characteristic of one individual psychology activity. The look stirs emotion not easily or get angry, the mood is stabilized or move changeably, lose the speed that the mood reacts, by force and endurance, the speed of the action, etc, it is temperamental character. Remember forgetting quickly quickly also, and write down slow but write down firmly, the temperament that is two kinds of extremes is characteristic. The become aware about involuntary discharge of urine and resembles after the vision individual diversity that 30 time study very much, also be the difference of a few temperament. Disposition character basically involves the social tendentiousness of psychological activity. Schoolbook of psychology of the Russia before the standard is disposition definition a person is right oneself, right others, right collective, right the summation of the manner of labor and its creature. Really, the manner has core place in disposition.
Manner and mood or affective distinguish as follows. Person lifetime comes down to have a sentiment, be like infantile cry. The manner rises in the development in acquired life. Pure body is disturbed and OK arouse a sentiment, always accompany the mood with have certain with unwell feeling sorely for example, but manage changes stimulative effect not to cause certain manner at the body. The mood is OK and brief die namely, the manner always is quite abiding. Be like fantasticality, be equal to actually without the manner. The manner includes 3 fields: ① affection experience or mood; ② is mixed to the viewpoint of person or thing evaluation; ③ behavior orientaton. The tendency of the action or the trend that take action. Alleged calm situation, just be the manner below proper time or place. Change character. Decide the studies attitude of main be confined to cross section of situation. Human relation always involves each other manner. The main target of psychotherapy is the patient's manner. Accordingly, the psychopathology is necessary to take the research to the manner seriously.
Character obstacle is a kind of unusual character, hampered human relation is caused to other or society even as a result of the unusual sex of its character damage. Or, cause mental anguish to oneself, or, both holds concurrently and have, also kill a person already namely oneself (according to K. The definition of Schneider) .
Character is develop gradually as a child form rise, character obstacle also is such. The age heals small, the plasticity of character heals big. Popularly says, arrived 18 years old. Character is main already boarding, have big change not easily. Accordingly, clinical psycho the age floor level that regards diagnostic character as the obstacle with 18 years old. 18 years old of the following person entirely do not diagnose character obstacle, can diagnose when necessary wait for mood obstacle, behavior obstacle or moral obstacle. Character is quite stable, but also be not invariable. About the trends of character, consult please eleventh chapter the 3rd.
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