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The incorporate of character obstacle and prevention and cure
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Character obstacle is to point to character malajustment. Immanent experience and behavior have this subhuman the tendency of limits of persistent expectation of apparent deviate culture.
What original character obstacle points to is the person that make other inconvenience, trouble or incur are damaged, if turn over social character obstacle; Later Sckneider with " bite off own head " will generalize this kind of person; The character obstacle patient that discovers in recent years not other of leave a legacy of trouble, only oneself endure anguish, if force model character obstacle. The common character obstacle in real life has cranky model, dissension, force model, performance, instead society, angst etc. Each model all have a few features, think character obstacle is the aggregate of different source sex at present.
1, cranky model character obstacle: This kind of person is sensitive and suspicious, constant other innocently or friendly behavior misunderstanding is animosity or scorn, beyond the mark vigilance and defense, always think oneself are correct, often answer oneself setback or failure blame at other.
2, dissension character obstacle: It is the obstacle of a kind of character that is a feature with social isolation and emotional alienation, they lack close human relationship, lack sexual interest, the experience is less than happy, affection is insipid, tacit, alone.
3, performance character obstacle: Call hysteria disease character again obstacle or seek attention character obstacle, this kind of person is not a feature firmly surely with the mood. They have exorbitant mood expression to notice in order to arouse another person, peripheral to person affection, conversation is mincing, alluring or tease behavior to lack sexual desire however, suffer other or environmental effect easily, it is a center with ego, the need to satisfy oneself by hook and crook, constant longing is admired.
4, turn over society character obstacle: This subhuman feature is the action that often produces not to accord with social standard, the patient is in children girl period (15 years old before) see clue namely, if leave home,expression is moral obstacle go out, with person affray, harm an animal, destroy other property, often lying, theft. Grow up (after 18 years old) appear to not be in charge of be in or the behavior of infringe society standard. They have actuation sex of height and aggressiveness, lack be ashamed sense, cannot draw a lesson from inside experience, without self-knowledge.
5, angst character obstacle: Say again evasive model character obstacle, this subhuman feature is to be mixed for a long time break away from human relations in society in the round. They are evasive and gregarious, involve the professional activity of more human association especially, fear to be made fun of, mock and humiliate. Feel incompetent oneself, beyond the mark angst and concern, be afraid of be criticized in social situation or refuse.
Character obstacle patient can bring bad influence to surroundings, the person that turn over social character obstacle especially is easy produce action of infringe society law and discipline. According to be opposite jail and the investigation material that teach place less show, in adolescent and adult convict, turn over social character to occupy left and right sides of half the number.
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