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Relationship of husband and wife is harmonious 5 great secret of success
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Bisexual relation is communicated is an old topic, a lot of females are this to be perplexed deeply. Recently, the couple that comes from Shenzhen communicates educational expert Fan Yuchun to answer of company of French Sha Sha invite the chair is held in aid, in processing the couple closes strung to be raised for female friend action.
Recipe one, difference of male and female brushs the scintilla that gives love already, cause couple big fight again. Should noticing so always is not go asking with oneself means the other side.
Recipe 2, the man is to use those who adore, the woman is to use those who be very fond of. The demand of man and woman is different, man need accredit, praise, encourage, the woman needs care, understanding, esteem. Achievement feeling, contented move is very significant to the man, this lets him feel this is a man. The woman is sure to keep in mind: Give yourself, but do not abandon ego.
Recipe 3, bisexual feeling does not have pair of faults, domestic marriage does not need a judge. In bisexual relation, what who contended for all one's life is right with the fault, who is forever loser.
Recipe 4, with admit and include replace carve and transform, bisexual relation is met happy. Often wanting to transform your other in part, everybody has his dignity and hope, many somes of good-tempered, much cent is harmonious.
Recipe 5, before pressure, the man needs cave, the woman needs to pour out. So the man had problem and pressure, the wife should rest to his enough space, go recuperate, go considering the way to deal with a situation, give him one each of oneself " cave " , let his person Jing Yijing, do not go disturbing him. The wife went problem, pettish, what the man should do is to learn to listen attentively to, you do not need what to do, you should listen to her to recount quietly only, listen to her to cry, look at her smile through tears, the thing was solved.
Happiness is same, misfortune is different however. The story that staging inside every encircle a city, very different. Be harmed every time, female people can think of to divorce, but female people has noticed, in the life, corrode of what eat by moth be after all your marriage?