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Law of 10 of happy marriage blunt feeling
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Japanese writer Dubianchun " blunt feeling " the explanation is slow force -- in be close to Chinese good-tempered with immediateness meaning. If be in the daily life of fuel, husband and wife can learn " slow " the certain issue that the ground handles the other side, affirmative meeting makes both sides more relaxed. If you are inherent sensitive, learn at once that now a few " blunt feeling " skill, this will be to last the vast power of your happiness marriage.
Marital need is good-tempered with excuse
1. Always staring at him from the be forced to tell sth bit by bit intermediate, phonate does not want when reminding him not always also to have a meal.
Have some of so-called advantage that the woman cares about inherently, the man is abided by not gladly likewise inherently, like beer like him you like perfume same. Since be a nature, be inferior to flat turn a blind eye to. Because how think without giving thought to, these are petty vimineous the matrimony that how affects you impossibly directly -- unless you always so sensitive.
2. Her physiology cycle is asked for integratedly is every month makes only so a few days just, not too care about.
She is very clear oneself abnormal. So you had better abandon periodic to her physiology guard, be in not always " special day " in if face archenemy. Bother every month to be met anyway punctual arrival, and can last a few years. Female Wa causes the woman such, everybody is changed not. Since do not hide, be inferior to learning to get coma a few, hold the post of ground of her day collapse to crack the Yellow River to run rampant to also do not become angry.
3. Not be ball game of 90 minutes, let him look to press a root to won't affect your life.
No matter cup of world cup Europe still is Asian cup, ball game is not hour has after all. Regard oneself as indissoluble amorous feelings, ignorant perhaps without the little girl that become aware, 90 minutes went very quickly. Must be certain he or you know that old man, etc end on field, he can a hair to return you less for certain beside.
4. She likes to sleep below an eave with mom, because know the hardship of parenting more now,be.
Although do not have a few men to be willing,mother-in-law lives in him home, but total have an easy time lives in mother-in-law home. So every time mother-in-law is driven, you review the case of calculus class goes up when the university with respect to this: Make audition appearance hard at the same time, make idiotic expression at the same time. Teachers are normally right such student can have no alternative, this result at least is mixed than unending rebuke suspicious a lot of.
5. He and other woman talk cheerfully and humourously, follow actually love another person the concern is not big.
If you cannot decide he loves another person, be about to consider to use " blunt feeling force " . In fact you are very clear, be not every woman to always prepare to reave your husband, and because,he meets certainly your slow and did not react and heart impeach Lv: Whether doesn't she love me? Whether to pay no attention to me? This kind of result and acetic sea promote wave photograph to compare, can you choose which?
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