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Remarry: Ask slam the door these clammy psychology
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Introduce according to marital expert, the person that remarry feels to domestic satisfaction and feel happily, the person that compare first marriage generally is low. Here has the reason such as society, economy, culture already, but mainer concern with the clammy psychology of the person that remarry. For this, marital expert points out, if the person that remarry thinks the family is harmonious, life happiness, must abandon as follows a few kinds of clammy psychology.
One of, manage from self. Selfish psychology is to remarry the main reason of spouse concern insecurity, main show wants to control both sides in economy and belongings respect. If both sides all has the child, criterion the child of from time to time rebuke the other side is partial oneself child. This kind thinks control gold is mixed partial the practice of own child, make both sides of husband and wife generates hostile sentiment extremely easily, make marriage not stable.
Secondly, compare psychology. Always like to compare present spouse and the conjugal photograph previously. In compare, often feel former more outstanding, currently hold the post ofas former. This often is the signal with a lot of incompatible families.
Thirdly, self-abased psychology. Some people (the female is especially much) the effect that gets feudal idea is more serious, think the divorce is the thing of dishonour, feel self-abased, life hope is scant after as a result remarries, spirit is depressed, do not wish to interact with the person even, full day stays in the home, day of with the passing of time is long, lose numerous friend, contract the disease such as depressed disease easily.
Its 4, envious psychology. This kind of psychology sees more at both sides all be the person that remarry, the male is behaved so that highlight particularly. To the marriage before the spouse Shigeng brights Yu Huai, often reveal in a lot of respect of the life, hurt the proper pride of the other side badly.
Its 5, nostalgic psychology. It is better at feeling of the husband and wife after first time marriage that this kind of circumstance sees more person, former husband or ex-wife die after accident or sicken, its deep love cannot as years elapse and fade from his memory, often reveal psychology of this kind of yearning after remarry thereby, this is easy the dissatisfaction that causes the other side.