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Hall of change of weather of graveyard of marriage of A-F whole strategy
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Love after all whether survive in marriage? Is marriage the heaven of love or graveyard after all? It is at present in medium above city, the marriage that has 50% about ends in failure, but the person that has 72% however believes worldly have real love, the people of 69% thinks they once had had real love.
Plan A, reward him to say more
Since our woman likes to listen honey-tongued, know man v/arc true man again people do not love to say mostly, so we why Bafuluofu studies unlike in those days " the condition is reflexed " in that way, do to his honey-tongued Shi Yu some kind reward a mechanism? Be about to begin to be made from love, foster their nurturance " expression loves " good convention.
When his boast you " really beautiful today " when, be sure to keep in mind: Your ten million cannot say him " foolish appearance " ; Say when him " the has demeanor most girl that you are my understanding " when, you also absolutely cannot say " not disgusting " . We the heart knows abdomen bright, our woman likes to hear those disgusting words namely actually -- the romantic atmosphere that go out was not created if those are disgusting, our love can appear how cadaverous. So, you must learn to let him know what you need, what to like, the sweet sign that wants him to speak you to want to hear only is sweet character, you reward him most want.
Plan B, learning to enjoy " do "
Here " do " not be of course those who say cook, do chore. You know, what we say is to make love. Will tell to most woman, the desire that we make love always has not compared a man. We still have the chore that does not do besides the job, return so that keep worrying about for the family besides the career. Because,we are met too too too too busy, tired, nervous, irritated the request that waits for a variety of manage origin to reject the husband to make love. And over the man, busy, tired, irritated the sexual desire that won't affect them with insecurity, contrary, return what make possibly to strengthen. This is concerned with physiology structure probably, it is hormonal reason probably, anyhow this is reality. And we need to confirm reality.
In the meantime, we can learn to like and enjoy " make love " fun. Since we can resemble a man working euqally socially, why are we furtive in cannot resemble a man enjoying sexual love euqally? Probably we are inferior to a man inherently so the illusion that is full of a gender, but we are OK film of have the aid of and book come revulsive oneself ah. See some of DVD that is full of love desire in the home more, the book that perhaps reads become enamoured of romance of on a few pages before sleep -- already recover from fatigue urges affection again, where is what is there against it?
Plan C, do not importune oneself to make a model
Learn to begin as a child, we are used to " learn Lei Feng good example " . It is example everywhere socially, there is model everywhere in the life. Say on the magazine, good woman should fall so that the kitchen wants to go out again to get hall hall already. Then, we give ourselves pressurization ceaselessly -- should become in the company paradigmatic stuff, paradigmatic wife should be done in the home...
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