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How is middleaged marriage crisis rescued
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Feeling is marital foundation, marriage is domestic safeguard. When the mainstay of hold together marriage emotional happening tilts when, the divorce became a kind of very natural choice. Middleaged happening how marital crisis is rescued is a serious problem.
To both sides of husband and wife character, divorce all along is not a relaxed topic. Both sides is very painful, because be in the marriage of a failure, calculate without which one party going up is real winner.
In recent years, the issue that middleaged person tall divorce leads is increasingly outstanding. It is with area of Kunming city west lake exemple, according to the marriage of this area the management that register is in statistic, one year whole area had divorce of many pairs of 700 husband and wife last year, there are many pairs 500 first half of the year this year, show ascendant trend. In the crowd that divorces nearly two years in west lake area, divorce rate is top is middleaged person, occupy 50 % ; It is young next, occupy 35 % ; It is old people again, occupy 15 % . "Marital crisis " had made the hidden trouble that affects happiness of front courtyard of middleaged other people.
If have the middleaged man that a career has, he does not smoke, do not drink, not random beautiful money, like to accompany a madam to watch TV in the home in the evening. Is this the good man figure of the standard in feminine heart? The likelihood was past, may not is now.
As social development, the standard of good man in feminine heart also is in produce change ceaselessly. The wife perhaps thinks the husband is too depressing in the home, devoid sense of humor. The wife blames a few for this sometimes, the husband often aflame with passion: I did not go out fool around is already enough good, you still blame me.
This trivial example explains the mental pursuit between the men and women is different above, the key of the problem is being communicated at wanting to strengthen between husband and wife. Between middleaged husband and wife, flatter oneself understands each other very. Actually otherwise. Affection communication not free, be the main reason that marital crisis appears between middleaged husband and wife. Besides, psychological unbalance is another main reason.
Read two paragraphs of very classical conversations first:
A, wife: "Husband, I burned a fish today, you like to eat. You like to eat..
The husband: "Chili is put much, salt is put little. How do you return a responsibility? Marry a few years, connect a fish to be done bad. Connect a fish to be done bad..
B, wife: "Husband, I burned a fish today, you like to eat. You like to eat..
The husband: "Be delicious! Have progress! If chili is again a bit less, salt is again bit more, more delicious. "   is to have a fish likewise, why is the word that the man speaks out different?
Psychological problem appears, main show form is a mood change. The mood decided people is right the view of the thing and judgement. From the point of psychological angle, the person arrives middleaged, burden of big, life weighs actuating pressure, psychological problem often is highlighted quite. If way of drain of middleaged person affection is undeserved, affect the feeling between husband and wife very easily. Pour out the familiar pattern that is affection drain to the person. If the husband pours out the trouble in the job to the wife, the wife is behaved unconcernedly, distain to be considered, the depression of the generation on affection evolves very easily for the cross verbal swords between husband and wife. Because psychology is couldn't get to satisfy in his marriage, a lot of middleaged people turn and extramarital affair of go and seek refuge with sb. This kind of circumstance seeks advice in psychology in can encounter constantly. What the middleaged person of 40 years old of fluctuation comes to divorce is particularly much. They offer the reason of the divorce, all is emotional burst. Anatomize, why is feeling met burst? Actually both sides is not to do not have feeling, just sufferred outside effect however, change had on the thought, cause emotional rupture. Cause emotional rupture..
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