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A third party true even death cannot atone for the offence?
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Because husband does a third party and Beijing white-collar makes from the news that 24 buildings jump down " small 3 " became target of public criticism again, everybody cries dozen, but I want to ask very much really: are love and marriage of minute of in the order of arrival really? is marriage meant bind two people although did not love to also want to rely on sense of responsibility,pass all one's life surely?
Come from some kind of meaning say, I also am " small 3 " , interacted 3 years with a married man, await him calmingly to divorce. Never had urged him, let him himself choose only, I do not feel I I am sorry his wife, in the final analysis, I am sorry the person of his wife is him himself, that is the problem between them, and I, as a lone woman, have the right that loves one. Of course, meeting somebody curses me to be able to have in the future " small 4 " me from others there grab the husband that come to be reaved again. I want to say only: I am waiting. Have really so a day, with respect to the specification he loves me no longer, since love each other no longer, so why to let go. Besides, "Grab " what this word uses is impertinent also, the man is not reaved, oneself go away the man.
For certain a lot of people want to scold me, scold, no matter how, I insist to think, have the occurrence of a third party, the emotion that can show two people of their husband and wife only gave an issue, and the marriage that does not have love, it is disgraceful -- this word, engels says.

Expert view
Love needs to have " article "
Agree with your view completely! Nevertheless need in a way corrects a bit, study discovery brings about reason of marital relation cracked to have 3:
1, the appeal between husband and wife is abate. 2, appeared her appeal. 3, lack maintains the external pressure that marriage concerns and obstruction. These 3 elements, add in forcibly, ability is quite terminative a paragraph of marriage, be short of one cannot.
Of course, wife people like to push the issue body of a third party normally, see the problem that is less than the existence on him body; And a third party, what see normally is the first, feeling certain is that woman won't manage marriage, oneself just have true love... the view of two people is actually more one-sided. And, final in battle of this man combat whose meeting get victory, attract muscularity besides what who spell outside, external pressure and restrict often have tremendous effect -- if the divorce can bring about be utterly isolated, the affair delimits probably stealthily after a few years on full stop.
If that man follows you to interact 3 years, still do not have the word of the divorce, explain the force that stability maintains in his marriage still is in, if his wife does not have appeal, existing to fight the pressure of the divorce and resistance for certain. Your calm, it is to keep the best measure that concerns now for certain, because din rises, the likelihood expelled this man. Nevertheless, he is to should leave after all, still do not leave? Want not to want to know? Generally speaking, if a year in, he does not have the word that divorces for you, divorce pole may be termless the ground is protracted go down -- the first year of the affair, it is your appeal a the biggest year! If in the first year he has sufficient reason to cannot divorce, so in the following year, he also can have various reason.
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