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"Strong wife young husband " the path that get along: Change a train of thought
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The husband: She works in company of a foreign capital, my criterion is in a school teach. I did not misread her, she is too outstanding really, height, appearance, record of formal schooling, intellective, all is stronger than me. In the home, she also is one works efficiency is extremely tall and the person with ideal pursuit. This home, in all order that charge in her palm (the order that is her of course) . This able woman, turned me into a dispensable person, let me be me everywhere constantly " feel vexed " and feel abashed. My mental pressure is very great, it is good to always had felt tired tired, live joylessly, want to look for a cloister tonsure to become a monk or nun really...
Wife: At ordinary times my job is very busy, cannot attend to family and child, husband became my good rear service. Although I earn money,get more than husband much, but a bit did not look down on him, domestic division of labor is different just. But the relation because of the job, I often can bring into contact with the man with a few successful careers, they are very outstanding really...
When these female in hero is heaving a sigh in the dark: "How feminine career is more and more successful, the man that the woman wants searchs harder and harder however, the cake of man form smoke into smother that encounter " when, man people also be in " strong wife young husband " there is the life in marriage and sufferring oneself heart. Like saying to resemble snack, popular extramarital love is one big killer of marriage, little imagine, the difference that cannot accept in mentally between husband and wife, also can cause marital crisis. Nowadays, not scarce " strong wife young husband " model marriage, often can make both sides of husband and wife plaints: "Your person cannot of extricate oneself still have marriage besides the tooth. "Your person cannot of extricate oneself still have marriage besides the tooth..
So, be in " strong wife young husband " how should the man in marital condition, female people get along after all?
Anatomy points out, of the person left half head controls logistic thinking, right half head is control thinking in images. Two eyes of hypothesis person see what the thing also has reason and sensibility part, so change an eye to see he and her please.
Above all, "Strong wife " people think please: Oneself need not fear he can go out to have many affairs, because he does not have that actual strength. Although look at the able husband in others home sometimes outer have view, there is emotional appeal in the home, driving illicit home car, living little foreign room, have rather in the heart some of lose and lopsided. But with tighten purse to the lover spends money like water and cover to you, do bad to produce domestic fission photograph to compare accordingly even, does don't you feel or the palm have marital emotive does active advantageous position come dependably? To you character, firm of this kind of marriage and happy. So, confront a husband, often be in oral or he is scolded in the heart " do not have prospect " when, might as well want, when you are enjoying the marriage of such prerogative, whether to go should morely care husband, urge the husband, is not to give him pressure. Otherwise, etc he is honest by you irritated dead, tired dead, force so that he is forced to use betray those who will let you know him to cannot be borne, your prerogative is enjoyed also play.
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