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Behead stops 8 kinds of when extramarital affair feels clever action
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識 of meaning of 許 much person reachs domestic 傷 to kill to him 對 of extramarital affair feeling very big, miss feeling of 種 of 擺脫 這 very much. But, often sensible 戰 勝 not affection, make oneself jump over defect deeper. Its 實 , should master only a few " no-no " , 絲 of 斬 斷 affection can be accomplished.
The first, just do not arrive with 對 the place of one 類 goes to 廳 of bar, singing and dancing, because condition of 環 of 為 that 種 and alcohol arrive since 會 " urge affection " action, make you are lost contain power, 從 and lose reason, make inappropriate 舉 動 , or it is 會 makes dead grey 復 lights his affection.
The 2nd, if must attend 對 to also just be in because of 為 job or 應 fulfil of 場 get together 會 or 會 eat 時, do not want and he (or she) banquet of the 離 that be the same as 時, because of,do not want 為 he (or she) 種 種 excuse and 與 its person of the same trade, otherwise 兩 person became one 對 again.
The 3rd, do not go to the place that 經 often goes to person of your 們 兩 before, because of 為 這 not 僅 會 adds 傷 touch, and 極 cites 發 舊 condition easily.
The 4th, do not want 還 of affection of 愛 of 開 of 離 of 誤 認 為 to have friendship, and send the token such as some of card, or be it is good to often hit 電 話 問 , 這 some 會 makes you and he (or she) the 糾 arrowroot of 間 more 難 in order to cut 斷 .
The 5th, do not borrow special the day of 別, for instance the 為 excuse such as birthday, make 兩 person gathers again, and dead grey 復 lights 讓 extramarital affair.
The 6th, do not want 濫 to use your tender feelings, cannot because of 為 he (or her) encounter not the thing of 順 heart and go comforting him (or she) , deny 則, you accuse 別 這 with respect to bottom of 無 law 徹 paragraph feeling.
The 7th, him (or she) your 懷 reads aloud the 會 讓 that 過 goes to sending 給 you the 東 that 過 goes to retreats 還 on the west or 處 manages, lest the thing reminds one of its owner.
The 8th, if be to work together, that looks with respect to 試 試 can 調個 單 , or seek a job again.