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15 action capture quickly your beloved man
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Letting a man fall in love with a woman is an easy thing, fall in love at first sight, agree with each other of Yue of two affection photograph, 4 eye, the instant erupts the scintilla of love, it is the whole world a day nevertheless happen millions of ancestor " love is accident " one of, but why the man is protecting him cautiously " interior camp " , be enjoyed alone in him and you look be like that part space that cannot share with him at all in, is those who stop ambiguous, ambiguous term -- " is now very good? " " my sincerity to you, don't you look? " " give me stationary point time? " ... instruct you 15 court, blend in his life quickly!
One, the air that makes him
The man is more hesitant sometimes, more childish, rarer than the woman courage goes bearing love. He resembles is that fish that swims to swim in water, be in all the time singing loudly " I want freedom " song. In the life that so you pervade him slowly only, make him body amid, comfortable and not self-conscious, also do not have without the depression already manacle, like the air in water. Morning and evening one day, he can discover, if did not have you, smoke like air from, he does not go down alive.
2, turn his room into 2 people scope of operation
If you try to live together or already lived together, OK, very simple, ground be in harmony enters the trace little you in his space, on his bookshelf imperceptible many many your books, sara two people like Bulaiman's CD, buy only now, and one of these day early morning he awakes, meet those who discover him brush one's teeth cup turned a pair of lovely Little Bear dimension into the Buddhist nun chaliced... the circle of 2 the world with so tight jackknife, how does he share clear again each other?
3, cook for him
The thing no more than with dietary the most beautiful men and women is have a meal together everyday, if one day he speaks such word: "No matter I come home late more, can drink the boiling water of wife Bao. " his life is in the main cannot little you -- look, he has called you " wife " . Transform honey-tongued romance be indispensable 3 eat meal, "Catch a heart to catch a stomach first " , although means is old, however indisputable.
4, those who become him " psychological mammy "
Every look like the heart of powerful man, have a frail, soft place, over, again doughty man also is like 6 years old of child child nevertheless, when he is the most tired out, want to lie in your tender bosom only, the most bemused when, also regard you as the object that only can pour out, the spirit that you are him is depended on, he has brother probably, also have a beauty probably, they share his pleasure only, he is true inner pain leaves you one person only, so at him character, without your life, will be inconceivable.
5, or " tender " this bowl of medicine
Make a psychological attack is on, just be the highest principle of capture man heart. Clever wife can know well greatly man heart, "I believe this all one's life also cannot find such woman again " , listened to him to leave such final conclusion, no matter the cummer that has how many scramble for sth, eye covetously is returned beside his, will exeunt cloudily. This bowl is called " tender " a decoction of medicinal ingredients, it is the one and only way that corrodes a man to ponder over ability.
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