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Cast off be lovelorn shadow 10 paces music
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After be lovelorn, you shop wildly, look for stranger to pour out, the face is washed with the tear in night, on the sly calls to him... do not worry, also fasten shame, these activity are very normal, and be must.

Do not wish to face, "He can come back "
"I do not love you, I went " , this his word says so clearly for nothing obviously, you still still are being analysed hard
Whether is there still other meaning in this word. He is taking away all things, can leave a tooth brush (old tooth brush) with a book (has read) , without what do this adumbrate? Anyway, you think he is impossible to do not turn round from now on.
You recall each his action carefully, each word, always consider a proof a bit: He can come back. You hurt a person's mind but be full of hope ground to await him, want the elevator in corridor only easily or phone bell rings, is this him?
The opinion of psychologist: Ego is the mankind's most painful spirit scar in the negative. Be lovelorn mean denied the affection in the past, and prospective occurrence fault, be lovelorn to bring deep harm to us so. Cerebrum filtered certain information, we reject to accept certain fact, because be in subconscious in, we had not gotten ready accept this one blow.

Indignant, "He is dye-in-the-wood blamed! "He is dye-in-the-wood blamed!!
Reality appeared eventually, but you cannot believe, how dare he treat you so? ! You cry no longer, enrage so that quiver however. He does not have influence so treat you, this is too beyond the mark! At this moment you have an objective only: A tooth for a tooth. Alluring another man or it is OK to insult him the proceed with of below half body from him, you say disdainfully to him: "Actually you did not let my joy pass! " take the advantage of all round nobody when the car glass that smashs him, the new cummer that gives him makes faceless telephone call, want organic meeting only, you undertake retaliation none hesitantly.
The opinion of psychologist: We are to rely on to cry for no longer the child that comes to regnant world. The feeling of out of control makes us furious, aux would rather like the child the toy that cannot get oneself is bungled bad, since cannot be had, with respect to finish it. The anguish that is lovelorn to untangle in first hour angrily has profit, this makes we forget pain, abreact affection. After anger sober period, torturous meeting again presence your heart.

Pester, "There is light in his home "
He went really, this you are very affirmatory. And the meaning that he should not turn round, do not want to follow you more " talk well " . But you think he is impossible to had forgotten you, he is happy when you are painful without influence the life. Then you make 20 telephone calls one hour to him, is he received? You leave a message to him ceaselessly, is he still ignore? You are waiting downstairs to him; Does he have a girlfriend again? After he comes off work, you begin to dog he. You resemble ghostliness and same loaf about beside him, do not know oneself after all to want what to do however.
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