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Rescue marital measure
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1. The germ that marriage conflicts depends on conjugal concern overbalance, one party is special to marital relation care, and other one party is more independent with conceit.
2. When marital relation begins aggravation, special the one party consternation that care, make two kinds of undeserved response then:
A) the way that out of self-condemned, stoop to compromise, beg for pity, hair fights menace to try the suicide to wait even;
B) is calumniate, intense cry be troubled by, tussle, do the business so that nobody do not know, damage the reputation of the other side.
3. These two kinds of undeserved means, look to did not let marriage end instantly temporarily probably, but they worsened further without one exception marriage concerns, for next worse incident offerred a condition.

2, the two core principle that handles marital conflict
1. Love must be self-respect.
Du Busen thinks, of marriage disharmonious nearly always inchoative at contempt, it is the condition that we created a spouse actively to despise us sometimes, it is the spouse wants to despise us of purpose sometimes. If resigned progress of this kind of contempt continues, marital conflict can arise necessarily. So, must let marital relation maintaining easy dignity, self-confidence and courtesy.
2. Love must be free.
Du Busen thinks, below normal circumstance, the spouse wants to escape, because we pester him too closely,be. Want to make the relation after marriage still has romantic color, often be necessary with certain independent space dispute to the other side and oneself, only such you just can make a spouse maintaining curiosity to you forever. He listed a large number of case with respect to this in the book, those lost the person of interest it seems that to the spouse originally, when seeing the spouse pesters him no longer, see a spouse curiously instead what doing after all, and passion also from this and be born.  

3, the fairy tale that disloyal spouse often says
1. He can say to you, he presses a root not to want to marry originally.
2. He had not loved you at the beginning.
3. The divorce is a kind of well-meaning choice.
4. If you do not have so much question, he won't look for others.
5. He and you part company is for hello.
6. He and you part company is for the child good.
7. Others thinks we should divorce.
The disloyal spouse that does not think to have you only just says so, above these sentences are the fairy tale that all and disloyal spouse likes to say actually, their purpose is to try to let you believe, he is disloyal the fault that is you, also be to reduce his own feeling that suffer a pain and liability at the same time, you are not controlled by them and think really, he is disloyal the fault that is you instead.

4, indulgent won't have good result, want to be brave in to confront each other
1. When conjugal first time has disloyal action, be about to confront each other bravely, with his make a stand against, is not the heart is put fluky, send a hope to be corrected at him himself, that can make him jump over Hua Yueyuan on this road only commonly.
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