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How does the wife confront off the rails husband
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Extramarital affair is marital furniture, in pursuit individual character is liberated and of life quality today already more and more general. As a result of the network arisen, the circle of people is wider and wider, develop quickly as the pace of reforming and opening and economy, the mind of people is opener and opener, the flush worry of extramarital affair is worn a lot of families. And the nature that beautiful heart is a man, marry two years to have the sexual behavior outside marriage later according to investigating the man of 70 % to be in, it is a female mostly because of what this suffers harm. Confront the husband of beautiful heart, what course to follow of a lot of wives, painful and helpless, this special the extramarital love affection that is necessary to discuss the wife that gets harm how to treat the man, fall the harm to oneself to lowermost level.
Circulating on the net a jest, summed up each district wife to be opposite the different attitude of husband extramarital love, we can draw lessons from experience from which, sum up a lesson, learn to be faced sensibly, this is the thing that can produce on every woman body, the man's love from one and it is mythological simply eventually.
Beijing wife, do not have Mian overnight, come to company of a private detective the following day, swing below 2000 yuan, entrust a priviate dective to gather all the husband's off the rails evidence. Spent a week, husband receives subpoena of a piece of court. Wife is sued should divorce, final husband is sentenced fault square, family property all puts in wife 's charge.
Shanghai wife, did not sleep overnight, arrive in the morning beautify hair inn did an ion to iron, made a face film afternoon, bought a sexy underwear to appeal inn incidentally, dinner of a candle power prepared in the home in the evening, cost 400 yuan in all. After husband returns the home in the evening, see the wife of beautiful sex appeal, so open-eyed that next egg can put in the mouth, deep him regret as blind as a bat. Intercurrent oath won't let wife leave his all one's life.
Guangdong wife, did not sleep overnight, , dress up the following day be gorgeously dressed, made a telephone call to first love lover, see about in the evening, then husband continues outside cheesy. Wife meets a lover in the illicit in the home, one should care his own business, live in peace with each other.
Sichuan wife, did not sleep overnight, get up the following day, clear away neatly in house, change the husband wash the dress is folded shipshapely in the morning, left piece of scrip, tell the husband to take medicine on time, returned a married woman's parents' home then. Husband stungs by conscience later, reach farther-in-law home offer a humble apology, answered wife please and pledge day of good have an easy time.
Hunan wife, did not sleep overnight, the following day, grind the kitchen knife in the home brightly, each support sb by the arm is borne after prothorax, decision and marital face-off, say in the heart: Groan, I follow you is not the fish dies even if the net is defeated, husband and wife return the home later.
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