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How to rescue marital crisis?
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Admit the failure in the past
  is major undesirable marriage, include the hard stonewalling that rise already was built namely between the husband and wife together for years, each stone represents the event that each other harmed in the past, and what people often discusses these incident.
  for instance, the husband complains: "The performance that she often criticizes me to go up and go up as father part in the job... if she does not say to thank, unsure also my plod, she always derogates me before the child. " on the other hand, the wife also says: "What he marries is him work and not be me, he never spends time to be on my body... after returning the home he often oversight I, look at the football match on TV simply, hope I resemble a busy housekeeping of the ground like amah however. Hope I resemble a busy housekeeping of the ground like amah however..
  of such complain perpetual, each person is telling each other how botch marriage, live the life that is a center with ego when conjugal both sides when, this wall is built more more tall, formed the main obstacle of affinity.
  rebuilds one picket marriage needs to demolish the high fence of mood of this chanting folk tales to the accompaniment of simple percussion instruments, demolish what this wall needs both sides to admit his is faulty, and the fault treated the other side. I am not to want to put the blame that builds a wall on average in husband and wife on two person, make much time, the fault of one party is bigger than another, but changeless fact is, two people are faulty.
What   admits him is faulty not be to say you are a loser, admit you are an individual however, as the person, we have the latent capacity that shows love, mercy and behaviour of fine be apt to; Undeniable, we also have it is the center, likelihood that makes annihilative conduct with ego. We each person, our marriage, it is the bag that mixed good deed and bad behavior only. Admit we go fail and entreat excuse, it is the mankind can learn the experience that can let a person be able to release most. The fact is, your spouse knows your failure, you also know your failure.
  should admit to fail and ask when forgiveness, it is to demolishing I this at the same time wall. My spouse already may plan to want forgiveness I, perhaps not be willing condonable, but at least I already was done to the failure in the past most openly thing. I cannot eliminate is all the thing that already had done, also cannot the result that those work place bring eliminate, but I can try to admit, and ask forgiveness.
  has a lot of people to had discovered, leaving when the failure in the past, following one's words is very helpful:
  " I am considering the issue between us all the time, I know I was not a good man past (wife) , in a lot of respects my fault waited for you, the action that I need you to these faults feels apology, hope you can excuse me, I want to become a better man sincerely (wife) . The help of recumbent god, I should create a different future. I should create a different future..
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