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Maintain 7 principles with marital perfect happiness
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One, do not babble
One of main reasons that the man leaves home, the wife that is them always is babble, make a noise to be troubled by again again. All blaze of burn down love, din is the most terrible, resemble be being bitten by serpent, do not have definitely unripe look.
The madam of Russian Dawenhaotuoersitai, yi Cengfa shows this reason, but too late already. Before her on one's deathbed, repent to her daughter: "Of your father parting, it is my fault, " her daughters do not answer the cry bitterly that put reputation, they know father's deadly reason, namely by the mother complain all day, always criticize the din with babble unendingly.
Why the graveyard that marriage is love: Its are main the reason is a lot of wives, often continuity of again and again digs authentic ceaselessly, in order to finish their marital graveyard.
2, do not try to want to change opposite party
If you want your domestic happiness, pleasure, that is sure to keep in mind: Do not try to want to transform your mate.
Why to appear in the regular meeting in our life such phenomenon: A both neither is young, pie-eyed, where is the life with the man happy joy that can deader wife look excellent with an ordinary person however? Why, because that woman is of the man,know already, the adviser that is a man.
Yes, such woman is faulty, it is however in the life, because of her forever tireless the husband at talking about her, she praises and admire him. So what did she harvest again? The answer is: A chain of long joy is happy.
3, do not want blind criticism
The marriage of 50% fails, its reason is criticized namely -- useless, the criticism that makes a person sad.
Believe a lot of friends had been read certainly " father place forgets " that essay.
This article carelessness is: A father always measures the youngest son with the magnanimity of own age, cause hope thereby the cost is too high, then all the day scold the child, child of abhor be disgusted with, carry the child's fault captiously.
But that still is a child only, when the child runs to kiss father, father gang discovers abruptly: He still is a child only, one still needs a gangmaster to lean close on maternal shoulder, need the child that loving mother caresses.
His consciousness is ashamed and suddenly disturbed, be in consequently a silent night, silent came to the child's room, to the confess of child sincerity.
Although this article is an essay, but the resonance that its genuine affection caused countless readers, hundreds kinds of magazine ever had reprinted this article, why can an essay have so curious effect?
Because article is medium what conveys the real situation caused people is resonant: What if you want to keep housekeeping front yard,live is perfect, be sure to keep in mind please " do not want blind to criticize " .
4, give from the bottom of one's heart praise
One does a wife, if want to seek happy word from marital body, she can participate in him, if the sort of participation passion is reached,taking seriously is true, so right his joy, joyance received a clear instruction.
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