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60% of elderly people feel lonely and unhappy Hangzhou, the need for timely psy
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Population over the age of 60 to 10% of the total population is aging society indicators, Hangzhou, this figure had reached 14%, this is a mixed number. "As the quality of life in the city of Hangzhou, with the development of society, in improving life expectancy, aging particularly strong: come early, faster, more urgent, more vigorous, and need to attract attention of the whole society." In a recent by the Mental Health Association of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, held the lead mental health of older first Symposium on the Problems and Solutions, president of Zhejiang Association of Gerontology, Hong Xu Road, Zhejiang Province, urged CPPCC members, hope to the meeting as an opportunity to start from the academic community, form the working network of mental health problems common in the elderly and seek innovative models of Hangzhou for the Government to develop second Five-Year Plan, should provide a basis for an aging society. If you are unhappy unhealthy body will Hangzhou Center for Disease Control, according to the latest survey data show that 80% of Hangzhou chronic illness. Mental Health Association of Zhejiang Province, China Mental Health Association and vice president, CDC director Zhao Guoqiu introduction of Hangzhou, the Ministry of Health Health Minister of China Wang Lund 2020 planning report, a clear description of the disease spectrum with the social development has been very major changes, the latest disease spectrum shows from traditional acute infectious disease and malnutrition-related diseases into cardiovascular, cancer and mental illness and other chronic diseases, 83% of people die from chronic diseases. Compared with developed countries, China, the problem is more prominent, serious, ahead. Wang Lund Minister repeatedly stressed is not optimistic Health of the Elderly, Alzheimer's disease the proportion of GDP compared to the same level of growth phase of the United States greatly exceed, the elderly feel lonely, low self-evaluation, mental health is not optimistic. "If you are not happy, psychology would be unhealthy, the body will be unhealthy," Zhao Guoqiu Director reminded. Prevention of dementia, from age 0 Alzheimer's is common in the elderly mental illness, party secretary of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, Professor Yu Enyan in Alzheimer's twenty years of clinical and research work has extensive knowledge and experience, the professor described in detail at the meeting clinical manifestations of Alzheimer's disease and care. Dementia is a syndrome, is due to various harmful factors acquired, resulting in development of normal adult brain cells destroyed in large numbers, causing organic brain damage took place after the severe mental retardation. Is often chronic or progressive, visible, orientation, memory, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity and sense obstacles. Patients often make wrong judgments and reasoning, learning and work is difficult, sometimes life can not take care of themselves. Intelligence, memory, personality and other comprehensive damage, currently considered to be irreversible (can not be cured.) The famous former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dementia symptoms later years are subject to torture. How to prevent Alzheimer's? Professor Yu Enyan said, how many more ways, early prevention, from 0 years old. Alzheimer's and the three major factors: an age, the older, higher risk. 2 level of education, manual workers with high probability. 3 family of genetic addition, depression, thyroid-related diseases, brain trauma, children born to older mothers are risk factors for dementia. Lifestyle, the professor suggested the best use of iron, not aluminum pan, tobacco and alcohol moderation to help prevent Alzheimer's. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) occurs in Alzheimer's before, and how timely detection and intervention is critical in preventing Alzheimer's. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Zhejiang University, Department of Research and Development Professor Xu Baihua MCI detection tools and intervention strategies have a strong operational, is applying for patents. Professor Xu Baihua to the elderly five suggestions: More than one with a brain, can read, play cards, play musical instruments, puzzles, puzzles and other games. 2, adequate exercise, you can walk 40 minutes a day. 3 with "four" Have a wife, there is a nest, a little Lao Di, a few old friends. 4 Science arranging meals Recommend the Mediterranean diet, that is, more vegetables, fruits, grains, olive oil, amount of fish and wine, a small amount of red meat and poultry. 5 "Fifth" To swap: the elderly to recognize changes in social roles, to accept the "plunges" to increase the simplicity and fun, personality be purified and sublimated. To Qiao: maintain a good image, adding self-confidence, feel younger. To laugh: smiling, optimistic and cheerful. Jump to: appropriate aerobic exercise, enhance physical fitness. To chat: pay more positive and optimistic friends, more contact with nature. Elderly mental health status and development trend Zhao Guoqiu Director introduced, Zhejiang aging population aging issues, reached a peak after 20 years the elderly population will account for more than 30%, while the corresponding social services infrastructure yet the majority of the planning, far from being in place. 80% of elderly nursing home do not want to Hangzhou, the current pilot of the home care model is easy to talk about doing the difficult, much of medical emergency services it needs. Overall, not optimistic. 3 / 5 for the elderly feel lonely and unhappy According to Hangzhou, Hangzhou Center for Disease Control for the spirit of a public health clinic survey data show that about 3 / 5 for the elderly feel lonely and unhappy, negative attitude of their age, the vitality of the self-assessment is low. The core of senile mental health problems manifested as depression, lack of interest, loss of pleasure. Elderly mental health problems mainly as follows: 1 empty nest syndrome Symptoms: loss, depression, anxiety, loneliness, a sense of aging. For the empty nest syndrome, Zhao Guoqiu Director recommends to plan ahead, face the empty nest status, husband and wife support each other, their children as much as possible Huijia see the spirit of great importance to support parents. 2 retired syndrome Symptoms: restless, behavior repetition and making decisions, acts of obsessive-compulsive disorder tend to do things that lack of concentration, mood changes often go wrong obviously, irritable, dissatisfied on any matter, often nostalgic, others suspicious, easy to bias, often appear similar to the physiological symptoms of menopause: insomnia, heart palpitations, body heat and so on. In order to prevent retired syndrome, Zhao Guoqiu Director recommends that the retired former professional psychological guidance should be accepted. 3 aging impotence That the elderly always feel useless, incompetent. 4 illusion In general, to prevent old age mental health, Zhao Guoqiu director of special emphasis: A healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy body is essential. 2 learn to tell their search for social support, to ease the psychological pressure. 3 to overcome the stigma, active use of community mental health services professional