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The city first community mental consulting room was set up
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Today (3 December) morning, the city's first community-cum-psychological consulting rooms consulting rooms in North adolescent mental red flag Road Community customs area was set up. In recent years, as people's living standards, there is growing attention to mental health problems in daily life due to work stress, social stress, marital, child education, adolescent mental disorders cause a lot of confusion and to trouble, community counseling room when completed, will make full use of psychological knowledge for the community residents resolve marital, emotional, learning and work of the psychological problems for community residents to provide a voice heard, reduce troubles, relieve stress, and share happiness venues. It is understood, counseling room was set up after the Chinese vocational training schools will be recommended by a number of outstanding psychologists, counselors, turn in here and conduct psychological consultations so as to meet community needs for psychological consultation. Zhao Ling Chinese vocational training school principals, told reporters here today inaugurated, is to let people know the existence of psychological consulting room, and then we will conduct a series of activities for residents to understand the need for psychological counseling, to carry out some public service to help community residents . Here is just a pilot city, then we will enter psychological counseling for the city to promote community activities, and strive for psychological consulting rooms into the city every community, in order to better serve the residents.