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Counselor resolution: low self-esteem is a powerful force
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Weak groups in my consulting body occupies a certain proportion, even though I have the nature of the work, not welfare, and for vulnerable groups, receive only a nominal consulting fee, but I still try to help them provide professional psychological support to help them out psychological difficulties. Advisory fees charged symbolic reason (such as a dollar), because I want to convey a message to them: My services are valuable, I will help you not because I sympathize with you, but because you need help, only this only. I do not want the burden on his back a Thanksgiving, but let him stand up from a psychological, as if in a dream in mind. Psychological problems of vulnerable groups have their distinct characteristics. First, a strong sense of inferiority. This is their most profound psychological experience, due to the weak position due to various reasons, so that they have experience in all aspects of society than their own values, or even strong groups were rejected. Self-esteem is a fundamental human settle down, loss of self-worth experience to enable them to mental balance, the psychological experience of being caught in a vicious, get out of the psychological shadow of the plight of hard to get rid of reality. He bullied by others, even if the heart did not bloom, but also since that is normal, very much agree with their vulnerable status. This can easily lead to a strong inferiority complex suicide. Second, overly sensitive, self-esteem strong. Weak body groups very much like to get other people's attention, fear of being overlooked, over-emphasis on others for their evaluation, any negative evaluation can lead to heart the fierce conflict, and even distort other people's evaluation of, for example, people in good faith and bless him, he'll think a dig. They are very sensitive when dealing with them must be cautious, others casual word, will cause waves in his heart, wild suspicion. Third, the easy emotional. The surface they seem submissive, however, just suppress the accumulation of excessive burst of energy at any time. Because of their lack of response capacity, unemployment, divorce, illness and other life events can easily lead to psychological pressure. When the subject is treated unfairly, that the people can not afford their own Sui, unbearable, often produce radical words and deeds. For example, some migrant workers bullied by the boss, will therefore commit suicide. They often go to war over little things, beatings. Sometimes when they are unable to cope with the crisis, but also self-mutilation, with such an extreme way to express their emotions. Lead to "weak" for many reasons, to provide psychological support to vulnerable groups when seeking help tend to their own problems due to social environment, and made a number of requirements beyond the scope of psychological counseling. I told them that I am not a sociologist nor a government official, but a psychological worker, I can not solve social problems, can only solve the psychological problems. In fact, psychological problems are solved, you will see hope. As sung by Liu Huan: heart if, in a dream, but that is all over again. Counseling for vulnerable groups, and my consulting strategy is to help them face their own psychological problems, especially the inferiority complex. Encourage them not to focus on the things that can not be changed, but those aspects can be changed. They tend to think that their strength is very vague and little, in fact, they did not realize that low self-esteem is a powerful force, this force can be upward momentum, a person will continue beyond the self, positive action, it can be inward power, so that a person acts become more and more back, nothing daring. However, a person's sense of self-worth can only experience in the operation. Low self-esteem people tend to feel limited ability to do things too cautious, afraid to make mistakes, until from that action when it is foolproof, in fact, no matter how well you think well, there will be in action many accidents, these accidents often low self-esteem who will bring greater psychological pressure, act more back as psychological defense mechanisms to avoid greater harm. In the consultation, seeking help with such a powerful force to back up their tightly wrapped, which are so powerful, how can you say that they are very weak it? If this strength to expand overseas, the same can generate tremendous power, can achieve many things. It is a positive self-psychology implied a starting point to guide callers out of the woods, and gradually find self-worth, the thing itself has not changed, but from another perspective. It is said that once a woman has two daughters, one an open umbrella to sell laundry, worried about the days when the old lady, someone asked why, she said: "I am doing good business selling umbrella's daughter, I was sad. "But she was not happy when it rains, she said:" I am the daughter of the laundry business is bad, laundry drying quit. "Later, someone told her:" In fact, the days when your eyes can glad your daughter open laundry, rain umbrella you can sell your daughter happy. "The old lady suddenly realized. This story to your revelation is self-evident, living more than one face, you can choose happiness can also choose the pain, the initiative in their own hands. Once a sense of self-worth to help callers find that he would stand up psychologically to find self-confidence, increased ability of resisting frustration, really find their place in society, neither blaming Heaven nor particular, but down to earth. Russian writer said a word: big dog little dog also called. In addition, callers have to establish their own social support system, in the event of psychological crisis, not a person to face alone, but to find relatives and friends to talk about it, talk to ease the psychological pressure. Of course, for a country, the establishment of a comprehensive psycho-social support system is essential. The power of a psychologist, after all, is limited, the number of vulnerable groups in China for more than one million, needs a timely and effective psycho-social support system. Very fast pace of life now, life will be more incidents. Catastrophic, unexpected event brings psychological stress, if you can not get timely and effective psychological support, it is easy to accumulated and become a permanent psychological trauma, the psychological fear of SARS period is a good example of , At that time, SARS opened a lot of psychological assistance hotline, but that is not yet a social mechanism.