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Hangzhou the first bus driver counseling room set up yesterday
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Yesterday, Hangzhou, the first bus driver counseling room set up, Hangzhou Normal University, will be assigned to the number of psychologists consulting room, the bus driver to help reduce Hangzhou decompression. May this year, Hangzhou Normal University graduate has more than one month following the bus driver, almost all of the passengers saw the driver loudly denounced the situation. Anxiety, depression, psychological problems forced psychosis, are approaching the bus driver. Reporter witnessed the 20-minute bus Four aunts took turns shelling driver "technology gap" Noon on October 23 this year, the reporter got into the area from the mark 3 City Railway Station bound bus. Qianjiang small market stations come in a few passengers, the cars are full. When the car to the toro, the car battery before suddenly out of a car, the driver no time to give way, come to a screeching halt, the passengers inside the moment of tilt to one side. "How is it?" Said a passenger dissatisfaction. Bus out again, just getting out of two meters, the left suddenly sprang a body of students wearing school uniforms, the driver brakes again. "You would not drive in the end? How old brakes?" A 50-year-old aunt cried with the Hangzhou dialect. "Technology not find the door (Hangzhou words: the meaning of technology, but off)." One of the passengers and the road should be. "Passenger safety is very important, so we have to throw out the brakes." Echoed another aunt stood up to them. Passengers starts to talk. Who knows, the car driving to Desheng Village, the same happen again. Behind to overtake a car battery, almost scraping the bus, the driver braked. The brakes, lit the hearts of several passengers, the "anger." "You're technology is not too bad, how can you be the driver." An aunt to leave the seat next to the driver went to a loud rap. "How old are the brakes, I almost left out." "You're technical, but related, do not to open bus." "Is not a Trustee of the relationship before taking on when the driver?" ... ... Started four aunts driver behind the wheel. Up many new passengers do not know what happened, the old passenger said, "not the driver technology." Maiden Takahashi reporters stop, all the way 20 minutes, passengers have been accused driver. Driver silent. Psychological experts recommend to do prior to self-test posts Remember three words a sudden pressure Hangzhou Normal University psychology expert in the research report, bus drivers often encountered in the three pressures, one of the largest sources of stress is "the brakes by the passengers to blame." Ranked second, and third, respectively, are: "Vehicles not yet reached the station, forcing passengers to open the door to get off" and "put into the regulations did not coin the amount invested in the claim that, with the passengers." Ten years of bus driving experience Master Chen said, some passengers did not understand some situations, such as a car approaching stations, in front of a good few more line up under the passenger bus, when the bus just stopped, that position may be that some passenger's destination, passengers will beat the door, asked to get off. Hangzhou Normal University, International Cooperation and Exchange Department, said Deputy Commissioner Tang Shiming, Hangzhou bus driver counseling room will allow bus drivers to have a place to vent, this room has a mystery all the settings, such as the wall color tone, softness of the sofa, etc., is also placed on the coffee table vaporizer to ease the pressure. "In fact, many cities in foreign countries, bus drivers will do a pre-job psychological test, pass a test to drive it." Professor Tong said that although the Hangzhou public transportation system and the foreign company's different, but the driver can also pre-job do self tests. Pass the test, the driver can clearly know whether the former posts with emotion; psychological pressure did not cause physical changes, such as body pain, weakness, sweating ... ... too much effort or strength. If there is obvious discomfort, the company can leave, to avoid affecting the work.